My Dream Room Wishlist


So i'm finally getting round to re-decorating my bedroom, after 7 years of it being the same horrible blue colour, and i'm getting the interior designer inside me is getting very excited, picking out new furniture, paint, wallpaper and accessories. I'm going to for sort of vintage style with some shabby chic touches. I'm very into antiques centres and jumble sales for picking up lovely things for my room, but i've also been looking online. I've recently been spotting some lovely pieces, on various websites that are slightly over my budget (ok alot but a girl can dream can't she?) but are still beautiful and i decided to share some with you!

Topsy-Turvy Jewelry Box 'Topsy-Turvey Jewellery Box' by Anthropologie ~ £298

Bronwyn Turquoise Chest Of Drawers 'Bronwyn Turquoise Chest of Drawers' by Out There Interiors ~ £590

Antique Style Wooden Mirror Antique Style Wooden Mirror by Out There Interiors~ £220

Two Drawer Bedside Table Two Drawer Bedside Table by Alphabet Interiors ~ £175

Nordal Wooden Jewellery Stand Nordal Wooden Jewellery Stand by Ideal Home Co ~ £55

White Wardrobe White Wardrobe by The Design Company ~ £420.75

Amiens Distressed Kingsize Bed Amiens Distressed Kingsize Bed by Little Tree Furniture ~ £895

All of the companys do loads and loads of beautiful products so i've your doing some interior design or if you just love looking at vintage things, i'd reccomend you go check them out!

When my room is all done and dusted i'll make sure i do a room tour post for you all to have a peek!

If you know of any lovely vintage online shops where i could pick up some beautiful accessories to add to my room, let me know!

And if you have a nice vintage style room, why don't you do a room tour post and show me?

Lots of Love

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  1. Great post! I am forever making mental wishlists of things I want to get for my place! x