25 Things About Me Tag

I was tagged to do the '25 Things About Me' tag by Lizzy and it seems fun so i thought i'd give it ago. You simply just have to share 25 facts about yourself, if you want to do the tag. So here we go ~

  1. I love imagining what i want my future to be like - especially when it comes to my dream wedding! I can spend hours and hours on pinterest pinning lovely wedding venues, dresses, pictures etc. My friends think i'm insane for doing it (especially since i'm only 15) but it's just something i like to do. Every girl (whether she admits it or not) likes to dream about their wedding day, i just take it one step further!
  2. I have a phobia of needles and i am super claustrophobic.
  3. I spend way too much of my life watching YouTube videos.
  4. I spend most of my life comparing myself to others and making myself feel bad because i don't think i'm as good at something a them. This is, in my opinion, my worst quality.
  5. I've met Ronan Parke (my favourite singer) 6 times.
  6. I'm literally the most stubborn person in the world. If i don't want to do something, there is no way i'm doing it.
  7. Apart from my height and my skin, i'm actually really happy with my body.
  8. Unlike most people i know, i have my future mapped out, including what uni i want to go to, what i want to study and what job i want to do when i leave.
  9. Without make-up on, i have absolutely no confidence.
  10. I spend 99.9% of my life imagining things i'd love to happen (but never will).
  11. I come from the nicer part of a pretty bad area. There's lots of underage drinking and smoking, quite a few people i know do drugs and we have one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the uk. Luckily though, i have never got involved in any of that.
  12. I have a bucket list, and i really really want to complete it.
  13. Glee is one of my favourite tv shows, and i spend most of my life listening to the soundtracks.
  14. There are so many things i want to say to people but i can't and i think about that every day.
  15. I physically cannot go a day without listening to my iPod.
  16. I'm pretty close with my family, a lot closer than most people i know. Not just my mum and my dad but my grandparents, aunts, uncles cousins etc, and i'm at my happiest when i'm with my family.
  17. I have a bit of a thing for boys with lovely accents - liverpool accents especially!
  18. I love love love love car boot sales and antique shops! You can pick up so many lovely little things for amazing prices!
  19. My favourite shops are miss selfridge and river island.
  20. I sing all the time when I'm on my own but would never properly sing in front of anyone.
  21. I'm super tall for my age (5"9 i think) and i absolutely hate it. Literally. Everyone always says i'm mad for not liking being tall but to be honest, they're aren't many positive things that i gain from it at all (apart from lovely super long legs). One of the things that sucks the most about being my height is until i was almost 15, pretty much every single boy my age was shorter than me - which makes relationships a nightmare. Luckily for me, the boys have finally started to grow!
  22. The watch neighbours (an australian soap) religiously.
  23. One of my most favourite meals is a good old roast dinner. If i could eat one all day everyday i would.
  24. I cry at most films, books and tv shows.
  25. I met Prince Charles when i was two. Apparently i didn't like him much and gave him a stupid look...
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Penny Rose

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  1. Lovely Post! I love reading these tag (Probably because I'm so nosey!)


    1. Thankyou! I love reading tags aswell :) x

  2. Loved this! I really like reading these kinds of posts. Don't let your height get you down - I'm the opposite, only 4'11" - so everyone is taller than me (and they all like pointing it out too apparently!). Tall has its advantages too :) xx

    D Is For...

    1. Thankyou! It's really silly to be honest because everyone that's tall wants to be short and everyone that's short wants to be tall! We can't win! xxx