I'm absolutely rubbish at finishing beauty things. I find that i use 3/4 of a product and then get bored of it and move onto something else, which is why it's taken me so long to do my first empties post! But i've finally managed to empty enough bottles and pots to fill a post so here we go ~


I've been using this cleanser for ages but to be completely honest with you i don't think i'll purchase it again. It seemed to help improve my skin for the first few months but over the last few weeks i've started noticing that it's stopped working and it's not the cheapest thing in the world, so me buying it seems like a waste of money to be honest! It makes my skin super soft and smell nice though, so i'll recommend this to anyone who has reasonably clear skin!

I love love love love love this primer! I've been using it for months and i never put make-up on without it! It really helps preventing lots of make-up getting into your pores so it helps prevents spots and blemishes. I also love it because it helps keep my make-up in place all day! I've already brought another bottle of this and i'd recommend it to everyone but especially girls with spot/blemish prone skin.

I've seen so many beauty bloggers and youtubers rave about bio-oil and how good it is so i thought i'd give it a go. My mum's a nurse and at a recent medical convention thingy she spoke to someone who said it was good for acne, so my mum brought me a little free sample home for me. I've been using it for about 3 weeks and i think it's amazing. I actually swear by it now! It's helped improve my skin so much! I think it's absolutely amazing how much improvement this tiny bottle can make on it's own! Bio-Oil is mainly used for scars and stretch marks but there's so many other uses for it so i'm sure everybody will find some benefits from it.

I brought this foundation as an emergency foundation when the only boots i could find that was open on a sunday, didn't stock my usual brand. In all honesty this is one of the worst foundations i've used and the bottle is pretty much full, i'm just throwing it out because i don't like it. I found that the coverage was far from good and i had to put loads on to cover up any of the blemishes that my normal foundation would have covered up after applying less than a quarter of the product. I also found that if you cry (and i happened to be wearing this on a day where i cried quite a bit) you end up with foundation dripping down your face - not very attractive! I can imagine this is better for people with clearer skin who don't need to cover many blemishes or spots up but i can guarantee you i won't be buying it again.
So there's my opinions on each of these products! Have any of you had different experiences with any of these products? Or can you recommend any different ones you think i'll like?
Lots of Love
Chloe xxx


  1. i need bio oil now!
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    1. Bio oil is an amazing product - i can't reccomend it more! And thankyou so much xxxx