My new addiction ~ Pinterest!

For the last few weeks i have been doing nothing but scrolling through pinterest! I have literally become addicted to it ever since i signed up to it! I actually like it a bit more than tumblr because it's all organised into separate boards instead of just put together in one huge muddle. This is perfect for those slightly ocd people like me!

If you haven't heard of pinterest it's basically a website for you to collect and organise pictures you love into different boards.

So i thought i'd share with you a few of my most used boards:


My weddings board is probably my most used board! I know that i'm 15 and i probably won't get married for another 5-10 years but every teenage girl dreams about their dream wedding day. I love ideas that i'd love to include in my own wedding and then maybe one day in the future when i'm actually planning my wedding i can log back onto pinterest and i'll have hundreds of ideas to use.
"Dream Home"

Pinterest is heaven for any interior design lover like me! Yes, i don't have my own house yet but i do love thinking about how i want my future house to be.

"Cute Tattoos"

Tattoos are one of those things i that i'm never going to have. I think tiny sentimental ones are so lovely but i have the tiny issue (ok huge issue) of having a phobia of needles so i guess i'm just going to have to keep dreaming.

I love trying out new hairstyles to see what looks nice and i use this board as a bit of inspiration. Of course this is the Internet so it's completely unrealistic to think that i could even attempt half of these but who cares!

This is one of those "i'm sad that i'm single so i'm going to repost tons of pictures of cute couples so i can be happy for them that they're all in love even though 99.9% of the time they're models" boards.

"My Bucket List"

If you saw my post a weeks back you'll know that i have a bucket list (you read it here) and i like to reblog things i want to do before i die! The problem is, i tend to constantly want to add them to my actual bucket list so i'll probably end up having millions of things onY it!
"Wedding Dresses"

Yep, this is another wedding board. I'm obsessed okay?

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Lots of Love
Chloe xxx


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