So I asked you lovely people to send me some questions for a little Q&A session to celebrate my 1st Blogging Birthday and I've had lots of fabulous ones so I thought I'd give it a go now!
Thank you to all the lovely ladies who sent me some questions, I've popped all their links at the bottom of this post so go give their blogs some love!
Here we go ~
What is your lifetime ambition? To become a Primary School teacher, specialising in Key Stage 1 (age 4-7). I have wanted to be a teacher for such a long time and I can't wait to get there! I did two and a half weeks work experience in a reception (4/5 year olds) at a primary school in Cambridgeshire last July and I loved every single second of it! My plan is to get good grades in my GCSE's in the summer, go on to study my A Levels and then do a 4 year teaching qualification at  a good uni. I've got it all planned out!
What is your beauty must have? I'd say a good foundation, concealer and powder are really important, along with a good mascara as you can work out a good makeup look using just those products. I also think it's super super important to have a good way of removing your makeup (eg. a good cleanser and toner).
What/who inspired you to start writing this blog? Zoella. I've watched Zoe's videos since she started YouTube and I've read her blog for ages and it was really reading through all her amazing posts that made me want to give it a go.
What is your number one blogging goal? Well initially it was to reach 100 followers and fingers crossed I will get there in the not so distant future (only 20 to go!) so now it's to get to 200 followers.
Which celebrity would you choose to be stranded on a dessert island with and why? I don't know if you'd class him as a celebrity or not but probably Joe Sugg. He's just so lovely and absolutely hilarious so I can imagine he'd make experience a lot more enjoyable. Plus, he's not bad looking, which really helps ;)
What's your ideal setting/thing to do to be calm? As someone who gets anxious/stressed easily I have a few things that help to calm me down, but one thing that I find really helps is sitting alone in my room with my laptop, the TV on and a hot chocolate relaxes me so much.
What is the most adventurous things you have ever done? I don't actually know... I'm not really the adventurous type!
If you won a million pounds how would you spend it? I'd probably save three quarters of it and spend the other £250,000 on clothes/beauty products etc.
What foundation/base do you normally wear? I use is the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in the shade Ivory.
If your makeup collection was destroyed in a freak accident (heaven forbid) what 3 items would you have to repurchase first? I'd have to say I'd go for my three Rimmel face products ~ Match Perfection Foundation, Wake Me Up Concealer and Stay Matte Powder.
When the weather gets colder is there a particular item of clothing you can't be without? A good oversized jumper! I live in them during Winter!
What is your favourite thing about writing realityleaveslotstoimagination? When people leave nice comments saying my post has helped them in some way, whether it be that I've written a good review and it's help them find a new product, or when I've written about a more serious topic (such as anxiety) and it has helped them over come issues. I struggled to write my latest post on anxiety (which you can read here) but getting comments saying it had helped people, made it all worth it.
So those were all the questions I got! If you have any others, let me know and i'll do another post!
Thank you to all the girls from these lovely blogs for sending in questions ~
 Lots of Love

Chloe xxx


  1. Comments are definitely the best thing about writing a blog :) Zoe Sugg was one of the people who influenced me to start a blog too I've read all her posts I don't know how many times, thanks for answering my questions Chloe :p xx Emmi


    1. Thank you so much for sending in questions! x

  2. I loved reading all of your answers and well done on reaching a year! :-)


  3. I'd love to be a teacher too! Congratulations on making it a whole year in the blogging community!


  4. Love your blog! I'd pick Joe Sugg too! haha :D Only 18 to go :) Good luck and congratulations on reaching a whole year!!

    ~Ciara Alice xx


  5. I really enjoyed reading your answers, I wouldn't mind being on an island with Joe Sugg - haha!
    Becky x


  6. Enjoyed reading your answers, I started blogging because of Zoe too :)