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Ooh eeh the grand return of the beauty posts. It feels like it's been forever and a day since I sat myself down and put my beauty blogger head on. There's been so little variation in my beauty routines over the last couple of months, I was rather lacking in inspiration in posts. But a few too many of my pennies were splurged on new beauty bits and pieces after my last payday so I'm back with another post sharing with you my current beauty loves.

The Rimmel Match Perfection Silky Loose Face Powder has been one of my makeup bag staples for a fair while now so I think it's about time I share the love with my blog. It's a transparent powder so blends so easily (even though it comes with a applicator pad, I prefer to use my Real Techniques Power Brush), leaving a gorgeous flawless finish. As a mattifying powder it's so lightweight and long-lasting so is just perfect for everyday use. My only issue with it is the fact that it goes everywhere. Literally everywhere. No matter how careful I am whilst applying it, my dressing table is now home to a constant layer of pale dust. But to be honest, the qualities of the product makes up for the extra cleaning that has to be done!

Rimmel Match Perfection Silky Loose Face Powder retails at £6.99

I do find that even though I have a drawer full to the brim of face masks, I always seem to reach for the same ones. I'm such a creature of habit that it takes an extra special product to find a way into my heart, but I dare say this one is starting to make its journey there. Being a true drugstore girl, I don't tend to delve into the world of premium skincare but having read some wonderful reviews of the Origins Out of Trouble Mask I simply had to treat myself once payday came around again, and I was definitely not disappointed. It has a slight tingly feel to it when it first starts to get it work, just so you know that it's working its magic, and leaves your skin feeling and looking amazingly calm and refreshed.

Origins Out of Trouble Mask retails at £23.00

I've developed a bit of a thing for mascaras as of late, with two little beauties in particular finding their way into a special place in my heart: the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Retro Summer Mascara (Limited Edition) and the Bourjois Beauty'Full Volume Dark Khol Mascara. Oh I love a bit of Bourjois, I really do. Although at times it can verge slightly on the pricy side in comparison to the likes of Rimmel and Maybelline, the products are always of such a good quality that their price tag is definitely worth it. After many a trial,  I've found that using a combination of the two products works ever so well to achieve a stunning false lash look. I begin with the Volume 1 Seconde Retro Summer Mascara to kick start the whole lash defining process. Bourjois designed this mascara with "a unique brush with spherical bristles to wrap every lash in a 360° motion and straight bristles to create clump free definition" and boy does it do that. It does an ever so wonderful job of leaving my lashes looking fuller and thicker whilst really opening up my eyes and leaving me looking more awake. The one down side to this mascara is that I found its colour to not be necessarily as dark as I tend to go for with a lash look, hence why it's good old friend the Beauty'Full Volume Dark Khol Mascara makes an appearance in my makeup bag. I apply this product all over my lashes (over the top of the previously mentioned product), with help from its hourglass wand which works to magically coat every single lash. I find that the Khol pigments in this mascara really help to create the intended ultra-black finish that really defines the eyes. 

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara (Summer Edition) and Bourjois Beauty'Full Volume Dark Khol Mascara both retail at £7.99. 

Are there any beauty pieces you've been loving recently?

Thoughts | "Why Do You Wear Makeup?"

"Why do you wear makeup" is a question that comes up in my life so often. I've been referred to as a 'Barbie' countless times because of my love of makeup so I thought it's perhaps the time to address such a big question and discuss why I do wear makeup.

I do believe the most common misconception as to why women wear makeup is for the benefit of men. Yes, I'll put my hands up and admit that when my makeup is looking nice I do feel more confident around the opposite sex but I don't wear makeup simply to achieve this. The sure idea of me changing my appearance simply to impress someone of the opposite sex drives me insane.  If you feel the need to wear makeup just to impress that special someone, they clearly can't be all that special.

I don't wear makeup to pretend to be something I'm not. I wear makeup because it brings out my confidence and gives me a little boost each day. Having my face done nicely helps me to feel like I can really take on what lies ahead on that particular day. Even when I'm feeling at my crappiest, a simple face of makeup can leave me feeling badass. For some people, it's the same case for having nice manicured nails or wearing a particular outfit. One little change to your appearance can have such a huge change to how you feel, either positively or negatively.

I'd be lying if I was to say that my rather awful skin doesn't play a part in my love of makeup. Although I'm more than aware that no amounts of makeup will ever fully cover up every little blemish, for the most part it does its job. Makeup allows people to see the real me, not just my blemished skin. I love the feeling that comes from catching a glimpse of yourself in a mirror midway through the day and actually being proud of your appearance.

Makeup is something I've always loved experimenting with; something I've always loved spending money on. The vast majority of my wages each month (once the essentials are out of the way of course) are spent on makeup and I get so much enjoyment from working my way through the counters in Boots and unleashing my inner makeup magpie, swatching lipsticks to my hearts content.

I really do enjoy putting makeup on of a morning. Half an hour or so of "me time" is the perfect way to kick off the day. There's something so satisfying that comes from having the control over which of your facial features stand out and which imperfections are hidden. I'm sure many women will understand what I mean when I say there's nothing better than putting on a red lipstick and truly feeling like you own the world.

Ultimately though, I wear makeup for me. Not for anyone else. I'm not trying to conform to any stereotypes or draw attention to myself. I'm not trying to impress anyone or pretend to be someone I'm not. I simply love the way I feel inside when I have makeup on. I love the confidence boost it gives me and the way it helps me to feel like I can really take on the day and whatever it throws at me.

Why do you wear makeup?

Thoughts | New Blog New Start

I do believe 'RealityLeavesLotsToImagination' outgrew its boots a fair while ago. I was after something that had more of a personal touch; something that was clearly my own. For some time before I officially decided to take the plunge, I found myself brainstorming name ideas for the rebrand. I wanted something special, something that truly fitted in with the tone of my blog. In the end, a name popped into my head at the most random of moments and I simply fell in love. It ticked all the boxes for what I was after in a new blog title and just suited my blog to the t.

So without further ado, I present Yours Chloe x.

I think this fresh new title reflects the relationship I have with this little blog. Yours Chloe x is home to my little internet-based creative space where I can spend all day blabbling on about whatever takes my fancy without having to worry about any restrictions or rules. I aim to write as if I was composing a letter to a friend, hence the 'farewell' based name.

On top of the shiny new name, I was lucky enough to win a blog design giveaway hosted by the ever so lovely Serena, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. She was an absolute saint listening to all of my design loves and loathes, and achieving a more fitting design than I ever could have imagined. This fresh new design really suits my aspirations for the relaunch and I couldn't be happier so I would like to say a huge thank you to her for all of her hard work.

I'm ever so excited about this new chapter in my blogging life and simply can't wait to see what adventures it will bring.

Here's to the future!

Style | Polka Dot Dungarees

Dungarees are definitely having their moment in the spotlight right now and I can really see this 90's throwback continuing into the summer months. Before now I haven't ventured into the world of dungarees in fear of the whole 'six year old with pigtails' look but now I've taken the plunge and I'm totally hooked.

Can you really find anything more versatile than dungarees? Although I chose to walk down the casual path with this particular look - pairing them with some flat shoes and a hat -  to achieve a smarter look all you'd need to do is pop on a snazzy pair of heels and grab a clutch bag, and bobs you're uncle.

I picked up my dungarees from Forever 21. As they seem to be all over the place at the moment I was definitely looking for a more unique pair and it was love at first sight with the black and white polka dot print. As summer is now well and truly on it's way, crop tops have become a staple in my wardrobe. This crop top is a simple black piece from New Look that has a ripped texture to add something special to the look. My shoes are Oxford Lace Up Brogues from Delicious Junction. The burgundy adds a discreet pop of colour to the look. To really finish off the look I'm wearing my H&M bowler hat.

Crop Top: New Look
Dungarees: Forever 21
Hat: H&M
Bag: Primark
Shoes: Delicious Junction

How would you style dungarees?