5 Wellness Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Not so long ago I would have not labelled myself as a podcast fan; I was too busy jamming out to my favourite music to even consider the world of podcasts. But my boyfriend likes to fall asleep to the sound of something so I started to research my own podcasts to avoid having to fall asleep to the latest football and gaming news!

Although this was a slightly unconventional introduction to podcasts, it opened up a whole new world to me and now I've fallen through the rabbit hole into the wonderful world of podcasts, I can't get enough! As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm a sucker for anything that fits in the wellness/mindfulness category but I'm also not one to shy away from some true-crime or book related rambles.

Podcasts have played a huge role in my wellness and mindfulness journey so far and they've not only taken on a key role in my self care routine but also in my self soothing routine when my anxiety is going haywire.

So whether you use a podcast to keep you company on your commute, to help dwindle away anxieties, to help you drift off into a blissful sleep or anything in between, here are five of my current favourite wellness podcasts.

Happy Place
Happy Place is the podcast hosted by Fearne Cotton, which features a whole host of famous faces, all with unique stories to tell. Each episode introduces someone different to share the positive changes they have made in their lives to 'unlock their inner happiness'. Guest stars have included Zoe Sugg, Dawn French, Gok Wan, Emma Willis, Matt Haig and even Stephen Fry, all sharing their unique stories, experiences and how they've overcome bumps in the road. I adore this podcast as I find it to be an extremely soothing listen and one which provides real thought provoking material, something I gravitate towards with podcasts.

Pressing Pause
Pressing Pause describes itself as 'the podcast for overthinkers' and is hosted by Gabrielle Treanor, a woman who has such a soothing voice it's like a cuddle for your ears and I am put at ease as soon as I press play. Each episode is around ten minutes long - making it the perfect companion for your morning hot drink - and covers a whole host of topics surrounding wellness and mindfulness.

Get Your Glow Back
I have also been loving Get Your Glow Back, hosted by author, chef and nutritional therapist Madeline Shaw. This podcast is actually targeted at mothers, helping them to navigate motherhood as  whole, but a good portion of the episodes focus on general wellness and loving yourself so it has been a good listen, despite me not currently having children. Each episode features a guest from a different background, sometimes professionals working in fields relating to wellness and sometimes women sharing their own stories. The episodes also vary in length, so it's easy to find one which fits you and the amount of podcast-listening time you have.

In The Moment Magazine Podcast
Take the In The Moment magazine - a beautiful publication focusing on mindfulness, wellbeing and general calm living - and pop it through your headphones and you get this podcast. Each episode has a different host discussing a key aspect of calm living; there was even a series of 5 minute episodes coaching you through meditation. I find this podcast to be a good listen for when I'm winding down before bed, exactly the moment when my thoughts can sometimes start racing and my body just needs to calm down.

Live Life Better
The final wellness podcast I want to mention today is Live Life Better, hosted by Melissa Hemsley in connection with Virgin and Penguin Living. Live Life Better is a very uplifting and comforting podcast focusing on self-improvement in all aspects of life. I can only describe listening to an episode as like listening to a conversation with friends over a cuppa. My favourite episode focused on creating a clutter-free life for yourself but there are a whole heap of topics for you to dip your toes into. This is a podcast I've only recently been introduced to and sadly there haven't been new episodes for a little while so I'm not sure on it's future, but it's definitely worth exploring episodes gone by.

Have you got a favourite wellness podcast? I'd love to hear any recommendations you have!