Beauty | My Night Time Routine

I haven't written a routine post in what feels like forever and a day, and seeing as I've recently updated my night time routine I thought now would be a great time to share with you all the new bits and bobs I slap on my face on a nightly basis.

First things first, I take off all of my makeup. My product of choice is currently the Lush "Movis" Facial Soap. Movis is a gorgeous sweet smelling bar with a rather squidgy texture. It contains all sorts of lovely ingredients (including: Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Wheat Germ Oil and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil) that work wonders on the skin. To use the product I simply fill the sink with warm water, cut off a tiny tiny amount of the cleanser, dip the slice into the water to get it wet, and then apply it all over my face after wetting my face slightly with a flannel. I then take the flannel and wipe the product off my face, taking all the makeup and dirt from the day with it. It literally only takes less than a minute to completely wash my face.

Once my face is squeaky clean, I cleanse using my Lush Herbalism Face Cleanser. Herbalism is like a little green crumbly monster in a pot that does rather lovely things to my skin. This is a product that does take a bit of getting used to but basically you just pinch a tiny bit of the cleanser, add a drop or two of water, mush it into a paste and apply it all over your face. Be prepared to unleash you inner Elphaba (hello fellow musical theatre geeks who actually understand that reference) because it is a rather striking colour, but a lovely one all the same. Since I began using this product I have noticed that my skin has been looking considerably clearer, and overall just much brighter.

The next step in my bedtime routine is exfoliating. Of course this isn't a nightly procedure, just something I do a couple of times a week but I thought it would be lovely to include it anyway. My go-to face scrub at the moment is the Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub and I'm rather in love with it. It's far better than any of the fancy pants scrubs also on the market and it's so lovely and gentle on the skin.

After that, I always make sure I use a toner. My current favourite toner is (yes you guessed it, another Lush beauty) the Lush Tea Tree Water Toner. I've been using it for what feels like forever and it honestly works wonders on acne prone skin. The best thing about the Lush toners is the fact you can spray them directly onto the skin, saving precious cotton pads.

I only use a moisturiser every other day as I find my other skincare bits and bobs do a fantastic job of keeping the moisture in my skin. Although they missed the photo op, my go-to moisturisers are the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser and the Lush Celestial Moisturiser.

Once my skin has been all cleansed, toned and moisturised, I move on to any spot treatments that are required. At the moment, if I need to use a spot treatment I go to either the Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment or a dab of Sudocrem. In both cases I simply dab a bit onto the affected area and leave it to work its magic. Both treatments do a brilliant job of tackling any pesky spots whilst I sleep.

The final step in my night time routine is applying a bit of the MyChelle Ultimate Lash and Brow Serum* to my lashes. This little all-natural beauty claims to effectively encourages lash growth and I do have to say, I have noticed a considerable difference in the look of my lashes since I started using it. My lashes seem much thicker and fuller, and overall just much more beautiful. This product is a tad on the expensive side but I promise it is worth it. I'm going to try and see whether or not it works the same magic on the sparse areas of my brows so expect an update shortly!

What steps are part of your night time routine?

*Disclaimer: This product was kindly gifted by MyChelle for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions shared on realityleaveslotstoimagination are always honest and unbiased.

A Thought For Monday | Not To Worry

I am naturally quite a worried person. I tend to get incredibly stressed over tiny insignificant things, and spend half of my life overthinking every little detail. But it's beginning to become clear to me that when it all comes down to it, worrying serves absolutely no purpose.

Getting your knickers in a twist (bizarre saying of the week) isn't going to effect the outcome of the supposed thing so - when it all comes down to it - what's the point? I'd much rather face said problem with my 'calm hat' on and, if any issues do occur, cross that bridge when I come to it. To be completely honest, worrying normally adds to the problem and makes issues seem much worse than they truly are. A rather beautiful Swedish proverb states that “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.” and I think that really sums it up nicely.

Look at it like this: chances are if you let yourself become anxious about a possible situation, you're unlikely to look after yourself as well as you should do. I know that when my anxiety is at its peak, I don't look after myself properly. I don't get anywhere near as much sleep as I should and in some cases my eating habbits change too. If you let yourself become run down due to constant worrying, you're most definitely not going to be in your best shape to tackle the problem. But, if you look after your mind and body, you're going to be considerably better prepared to face any issues.

So next time you begin to feel those little butterflies in your stomach making a reappearance, please remember that worrying isn't going to change the outcome, so you're far better off digging out your imaginary suit of armour and facing the problem head on. Just ride the wave. Most of the time things are never anywhere near as bad as they may seem, but even if they are it's much better to be prepared when tackling them.

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A Thought For Monday | Remember the Positives

Last week was just one of those weeks. One of those weeks that has just become a blur of bad things and negative feelings. But I'm not going to dwell on it. Let's just move on and start the week afresh shall we? I thought I'd create a little list of the things that will keep my spirits up this week, no matter what is thrown my way.

1. Relaxation Time - I've been trying to dedicate at least thirty minutes 'relaxation time'  to myself everyday. I love having a little bit of time, normally just before I go to bed, where I can read a book, enjoy a lovely mug of hot chocolate and just have a bit of me time.
2. This Weekend - This coming Sunday, I start my brand new job (a receptionist at a local leisure centre if you're feeling nosey) and I'm rather excited. There's such a lovely atmosphere at my new place of work, and of course I'm looking forward to having a few extra pennies in my purse.
3. Primark Winter PJ's - You really do know winter is fast approaching when Primark reintroduce the cosy pieces of magic that are their winter pj's. I can't wait to go on a bit of a shopping trip at the weekend to stock up ready for the colder months.
4. Candles, Candles and more Candles - I'm ever so excited to bring out the autumn/winter candles and I've already been stocking up on some of my favourites from the Yankee Candle christmas range. 'Christmas
5. Bonfire Night - Forget Halloween, I'm all about bonfire night and it's getting close now isn't it? There really is nothing better than wrapping up warm and popping down to your local firework display with a hot chocolate in hand.

What's going to keep you smiling this week?

Nails | Topshop Matte Nails "Dress Up"

One of my favourite things about the autumn/winter months is the return of deeper nail colours. Don't get me wrong, I adore the lovely pastel colours of summer but I've always been more of a fan of the darker hues.

So far this season I've been loving a wide range of brands but the Topshop nail polish range does hold a special place in my heart. Hands up who wants a manicure that lasts for days? Well, I've always found that all of the Topshop nails range fits the bill perfectly, without breaking the bank.

"Dress Up" is a beautiful burgundy shade that spent more time on my nails last holiday season, than not and I'm so excited it's making a return. This polish has made two appearences on my nails so far over the last month or so (as I firmly believe that autumn begins at the start of the school term), and I've recieved many a compliment about the 'gorgeous colour'

As always with Topshop, the quality of this polish is rather fab. I find you only really need two coats to achieve a stunning colour, and it doesn't take forever and a day to dry. The one drawback is it's not as matte as you'd maybe expect for a matte polish, but I love it all the same.

What's you go-to autumnal nail colour?

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A Thought For Monday | Focus On Yourself

As you may have noticed, I have been slacking on the blog front recently. Year 12 is rather hectic so I seem to be spending all the time I'm not at school, either doing some form of school work or sleeping! I am trying to swing back into a proper blogging routine though so hopefully you'll be seeing more of me on your computer screen. 

November 1st marks my little blog's second birthday and to mark the occasion I've decided that RealityLeavesLotsToImagination will become home to another series. On top of my usual posting days of Wednesday and Friday, I'm going to be starting 'A Thought For Monday' on - you guessed it - Monday.

'A Thought For Monday' will be a collection of posts where I try to enlighten you with my words of wisdom and inspiration, and share some important bits and pieces I feel you should know about. It's going to be rather a lot of me simply noting down my thoughts and feelings, sometimes without coming to any real conclusions in an attempt to get your minds going. I'd like to cover a fair few 'tough' topics and cater it as much to my lovely readers as possible, so if you have any requests for topics, feel free to let me know.


There has been a bit of turbulence in my life at the moment involving a certain someone of the male variety. I won't share too much gossip just in case any unwanted eyes are on my blog (you really do never know who's reading, do you?), but I feel the words turbulence and confusion really do sum it up nicely. I think we've all been in the situation at one time or another when you're not really sure where you stand with a person, whether it be romantically or not, and it really isn't pleasant.

Positive thinking has never been my forte. I seem to be spending much more time expecting failed dreams and a broken heart than I'd like at the moment but I promise I'm working on it. I'm trying to focus on myself more, putting in that little bit extra effort to stop over thinking and over analysing every tiny detail, and start looking after my body and my mind more. Because let's be honest, how on earth can you expect someone else to love you for you, if you're too busy fretting over subtleties and minuscule details, to really be yourself?

I've decided to make a few changes to my day to day life here and there to make sure I give myself a bit more 'me time'. A tad more exercise (even if it just is a long walk every now and again; I'm really not the gym type), eating well and many a good nights' sleep will do me nicely. After all, doesn't a happy body and mind equal a happy life?

Spread The Love | September

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls: Welcome to 'Spread The Love', the new monthly post where I share with you a couple of the posts by fellow bloggers I've been loving over the past month. I though this would be an oh so lovely way to wrap up the month, as well as giving a selection of bloggers the recognition they truly deserve and introducing my readers to their blogs."

I know, I know, I’m rather pants at this series malarkey. I started ‘Spread The Love’ in July and completely forgot to do an August edition. This, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, is why you should always remember to note things down in your blogging planner.

But, this month I am back with a vengeance. This month I have really put a lot of effort into making sure that I’ve been reading tonnes and tonnes of blog posts (from new blog discoveries and old friends alike) and I have even more fabulous blog posts to share with you lovely lot. I’ve definitely gone more down the lifestyle/thought blogging route this month as it’s been those sorts of posts that have caught my eye, so hopefully that’ll float your boat.

Enough chat; let's get cracking.

Ring-a-Round a Rosey
"Snail Mail"

"I have always been a fan of sending letters to stay in contact with people, and I wanted to write a little bit about it :) When you're in college, there is almost nothing better than finding a letter waiting in your mailbox. Whether it's something you were expecting, or a letter from an old friend, it can always brighten the day."

This lovely blog is written by Madeline and I've been reading it for quite a while. Although I adore all of her posts, this one found a special place in my heart. I can definitely relate to her love of writing and receiving letters. There's something about letters that's just so much more special than contacting someone via email or social media. In fact, I know it would take so much longer, but I'd just love to do all my blogging-related emails via post instead. Things that are handwritten are so much more personal and lovely than a word-processed document could ever be, and that's why I adore writing letters so much. Everything Madeline said in this blog post was so true, so I'd definitely recommend popping over to her blog and having a read.

P.S: If any fellow snail-mail lovers fancy being my pen-pal, give me a shout! I'm always up for any excuse to write a letter.

You can find Madeline here:

"DIY Pinterest Wall"

"My tumblr DIY post went down really well, so I thought I would share my ideas for how to get a pinterest inspired wall too. I have also seen this on Tumblr too, but I think it is such a cool way to customise your bedroom without spending more than £5. I love how personal you can make it too, as you could always use pictures of friends and family rather than quotes like I used"

Alice's blog is a current favourite of mine and I rather loved this post of hers. I'm a huge fan of all things DIY, and a bit of a pinterest addict so it was right up my street. This idea looked so pretty and I just adore the photos Alice chose. It's such a buget-friendly simple little DIY project that would really make an eye-catching piece in your room, and I wouldn't be surprised if I end up giving it a go in the not so distant future, so thank you Alice for sharing this with us. Make sure you all head on over to Alice's lovely blog it deserves.

You can find Alice here:

Gingerly Pale
"Lessons I've Learnt From Writing A Blog"

"To be perfectly honest, I didn't really know what I wanted to achieve when I first started blogging. I knew that I wanted a creative outlet of sorts, but I definitely didn't think that people were actually going to read it! I didn't have a niche in mind and if you'd told me that, in just over a year's time, my blog would be up for two awards at a national level, I would have laughed in your face. Or more likely, looked away and denied the fact that even I knew what blogging was. I'm not knowledgeable on the subject, but blogging has taught me a few valuable things in fifteen months - and for that, I'm grateful."

Jessica's blog is another one I've been reading for a fair while and I'm rather a bit fan. She has such a beautiful way with words and I find all her posts to be lovely and relatable. This post of hers really struck a chord with me as Jessica discussed how blogging isn't all about the numbers but about having your own little slice of the internet that's yours to cherish; a place where you can ramble to your hearts content about whatever takes your fancy. I really think more bloggers should remember that statistics aren't everything because in my experience of reading blogs, as soon as you begin to focus on the numbers, the quality of your content really begins to drop. Please make sure you pop on over to Jessica's blog and have a nosey. I know you'll love it.

You can find Jessica here:

Which blogs/blog posts have you been loving this month?