"Dear 18 Year Old Me" | Tess from The Lyrics To Life

Message From The Editor: 2016 is the year that I turn the grand old age of eighteen (I know - young blogger alert). I'm a May baby so I have roughly four months and counting until adulthood begins and to say I feel unprepared is the understatement of the century. It's fair to say that I feel desperately in need of some advice and wisdom from those who have already completed this year of their life, so in my time of need I have turned to the blogging community. For the foreseeable future, every Sunday here on Yours Chloe is going to play host to a different guest blogger who have taken the time to compose a letter to their eighteen-year-old self sharing some of the wisdom they have amassed in their years since turning 18. Some of the letters have taken on themes such as relationships, education, friendships etc. and some of the letters have simply combined said topics and more to create a collection of general pieces of advice. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each of the posts I've been sent for this series and I really do hope you have a similar experience, regardless of the place in life you currently find yourself at. Yours, Chloe x
Being 18 feels like a lifetime ago.
My life was so different when I was 18. I was in high school, I was in a happy relationship and I had the best group of friends. Everything was pretty much as I wanted it to be.
Fast forward 5 years later, and I'm in university, single and with a very different and much smaller group of friends. I don't mind it, that's just how life goes.
If there is one thing, I wish I could tell my 18 year old self, it is to enjoy life more. Go out more, laugh more, and be more spontaneous. Heck, even study more because in the end you'll thank yourself for it.
Appreciate the friends you have because as soon as you're not in the same school anymore, you will lose some of them. It's the sad truth but a truth nonetheless. Life goes on, trust me.
Build up and explore exciting and challenging hobbies, who knows where it might take you one day?
Say a big f-you to every person who tries to knock you down, betrays your trust or hurt you in any other way. It is so not worth staying friends with people who doesn't bring you happiness anymore. Some people are only present in your life for a short period of time, and that's normal. I never knew just how normal that is, and I wish I did.
Travel as much as you can. Travelling is the most life changing thing I have ever done. I pushed so many boundaries, I grew as a person and I started to get a grasp of who I am. Travel, travel, travel. Your future self will love you for it.
Study/work with whatever you want. Don't let ANYONE tell you what to do, how to do it and when to do it. It's your life. I didn't figure out what I wanted to do with my life until I was almost 22. I took two gap years, travelled, worked, and made memories. If I hadn't taken those two years off I would never have gone to that many concerts, and I would never have figured out that live music is what I want to work with.
But in all honesty, if there is only one thing I could tell my 18 year old self - and every 18 year old reading this - BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Trust your gut in every aspect of life. Listen to what other have to say but make decisions that work for you. You're the leading role in your own life not just an extra in others.
I spend way too long doing what was convenient for everyone else, and it's so not worth it.
Be humble, stay true to who you are, and most importantly - learn who you are. 

Tess writes a music and lifestyle blog at www.thelyricstolife.com
(2018 Update: Tess' Blog is no longer live.)

Lifestyle | Five Happy Things #2

Hello one and all and welcome to January! I hope you've had an ever so lovely start to this brand new year and I do hope 2016 is kind to every single one of you.
At the very end of last year I started my own little Five Happy Things Project, to share with you, every so often, what things are keeping my spirits up as of late. We're now greeted by the second post in the series; what a fabulous way to kick off the second half of January.

Here's what has made me happy recently:

1. The "What Say You" Podcast
What Say You is a podcast created and presented by two of the stars of Impractical Jokers (yes I know, the obsession has continued since Five Happy Things #1) Sal Vulcano and Brian Quinn. Effectively each episode is an hour or so of two comedians (and best friends, might I add) having a chat about anything and everything. I appreciate that I'm not particularly selling it but once you give it a try and start listening it's so enjoyable. I access it via the Podcast app that you find on apple products however I do believe you can download it via iTunes or other sources online if it takes your fancy.

2. Giving Gifts
I spent an evening this week shopping for and putting together a bag of treats for one of my closest friends to cheer her up during a rather tough time. Each gift was picked out to not only meet her tastes but also to encourage relaxation and I'm so happy with how the gift ended up. I finished the package with a rather extensive hand written letter letting her know just how fabulous I think she is. Fingers crossed the gift will go down a real treat.

3. Musical Theatre Soundtracks
Oh I do love me a good theatre soundtrack. Wicked; Les Mis; Hairspray; Billy Elliot; Legally Blonde; Oliver; West Side Story; Sister Act; you name it I've listened to it over the past week. I'll put my hands up and admit, I am slightly concerned that at some point whilst sitting with my headphones in at school or on the bus I may burst into song, but hopefully my inner Idina Menzel will stay at bay.

4. Managing Regular Blog Posts
So far this month I've on the whole managed to put up regular blog posts that are of a quality I'm very content with. Hopefully this positive start to 2016 will continue as we progress throughout the year, but fingers crossed.

5. Good Makeup Days
I've been lucky enough to be experiencing a fair few good makeup days as of late and that makes me ever so happy. I'm so content when my makeup goes on wonderfully of a morning and stays put throughout the day, still looking on point when I arrive home in the evening. Oh boy am I grateful for long-lasting makeup.

And to spread some joy I thought it would be a lovely idea to share with you a handful of the posts by fellow bloggers that have taken my liking recently:

1. "Going Cruelty Free" by Maddy at Maddy Cane
I love being introduced to new cruelty-free products so I'm incredibly excited to follow Maddy's journey transitioning to a cruelty-free beauty routine. I definitely aspire to take up such a lifestyle in the future as I'm truly appalled by the number of brands who continue to test on animals and hopefully Maddy's blog will inspire me on my path.

2. "Judging a Book by Its Cover" by The Girl In The Moonlight
I'm a massive fan of a good ol' series, particularly a book based one and this is right up my street. She's featured a wonderful array of books in the first episode on her blog and I'm so excited to see how the series develops whilst being introduced to a selection of new books and authors.

3. "A Letter to Myself" by Elle at Elle May
This little post is truly beautiful and expresses ideas that we should all make note to remember. I love the concept of using your blog on such a personal level as to compose a letter to yourself, and this is definitely an idea I'd love to use in the future if a good time and topic arose.

4. "Lumiere London" by Megan at Lazy Thoughts
I would have really loved to go to the Lumiere festival in London but sadly my hectic school and work schedule got in the way and I had to give it a miss. I rather adore Megan's blog (and Megan herself might I add, she's so lovely) and it was lovely to see her post full to the brim of wonderful photos of Lumiere and all its beauty.

5. The Ultimate North America Bucket List by Georgina at The Weekend Trender
North America is the ultimate destination on my travel bucket list so this beauty of a post was right up my street. Georgina is one of my favourite bloggers at the moment and it was wonderful to see that we share similar future travel aspirations (although I was incredibly jealous to see that she was already in New York; I'm yet to adventure across the pond at all). Bloggers US Road Trip perhaps?
What has made you happy recently?

Beauty | Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

After what felt like forever of this product holding pride of place at the top of my beauty wishlist, I became the proud owner of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara on Christmas Day (thank you ever so much Santa, you lovely thing) and I have honestly fallen completely and utterly in love with it. Whilst I'm a definite drugstore makeup girl at heart, I do love a good high end mascara or two so this cult favourite was right up my street.
Now before we even begin to consider the product itself I just have to pay tribute to the sheer beauty of the packaging - Too Faced how do you create such stunning items? I'm a sucker for a good bit of beauty packaging (a fact I feel no one but fellow beauty bloggers will understand) and this particular product is housed in one of the best examples out there. I'm all for the don't judge a book (or makeup product) by its cover malarkey but boy does this give off the luxury vibe, that the product lives up to might I add. It truly is a delight to have on my dressing table.

Part of what has influenced my new found obsession with this product is its stunning hourglass shaped brush that comes ready to curl and volumise your lashes to absolute perfection. As I've been blessed with long lashes anyway, volume is at the top of my wishlist in terms of mascara qualities as opposed to length enhancement and this product doesn't disappoint.

My one dislike in regards to the brush was the fact that the size of it does make application to the lower lashes a rather tricky task if you aspire to do it without being left with what feels like half a tube of mascara surrounding your under-eye. For this reason I've taken to using Better than Sex on the upper lashes and my much loved Benefit Limited Edition Swarovski They're Real! Mascara on my lower lashes. This beautiful pairing leaves my lashes dressed to impress.

Formula-wise this baby ticks all the boxes; it's the sort of thing that makes me wish amazeballs was a word in the English dictionary purely so I could slot it into the post. Not only was application completely smooth, with noticeable results from the first coat, once on it lasted all day long with absolutely no flaking or smudging at all. And once the day had reached its close at it was time to remove the days makeup, it practically slid off with assistance from my Garnier Micellar Water.
When trialling a new mascara I crave a rich jet-black colour to coat my lashes with and this was completely fulfilled by this particular product. It truly is blacker than black and I am just in love.

I'm delighted to report that since this mascara first became a staple in my makeup bag (however recently that may have been) I've had many a incredibly positive comment about the false lash effect it has created; what more could you ask for?
Overall the Better Than Sex mascara will be right down your alley if you're after a product that will wave a magic wand and gift you dramatic intense lashes that ooze curl and volume. Too Faced is also of course a completely cruelty-free brand which only adds to the sheer amazingness of this product. Is it better than sex though? I'll let you answer that question yourselves.
The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara retails at £18.00 and can be purchased online here.

"Dear 18 Year-Old Me" | Milli Grace from Arts & Graces

Message From The Editor: 2016 is the year that I turn the grand old age of eighteen (I know - young blogger alert). I'm a May baby so I have roughly four months and counting until adulthood begins and to say I feel unprepared is the understatement of the century. It's fair to say that I feel desperately in need of some advice and wisdom from those who have already completed this year of their life, so in my time of need I have turned to the blogging community. For the foreseeable future, every Sunday here on Yours Chloe is going to play host to a different guest blogger who have taken the time to compose a letter to their eighteen-year-old self sharing some of the wisdom they have amassed in their years since turning 18. Some of the letters have taken on themes such as relationships, education, friendships etc. and some of the letters have simply combined said topics and more to create a collection of general pieces of advice. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each of the posts I've been sent for this series and I really do hope you have a similar experience, regardless of the place in life you currently find yourself at. Yours, Chloe x

Dear Me,

Firstly it’s important that you know your life right now is nothing like real life. But that’s OK.

You don’t need to know what you want to do with your life, but if you do, have the courage to commit to it fully. Don’t let anyone try and convince you to do anything else, not your teachers, not your parents, not your friends. You are only young once, and you only have one life. Follow your dreams and make a start.

But, Me, if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. There are second chances. There are third chances if you need them, and fourth and fifth chances too. (But that might be pushing it a bit).

Right now, you can put yourself first. Don’t worry if people call you selfish – you aren’t, you are just trying to figure yourself out. That’s ok. You aren’t selfish, because your heart is good. You’ll find that out for yourself in a few years when you are living in the real adult world. A lot of people don’t have good hearts, and if you notice that, then make sure you are never anything like them. Ever.

You really don’t worry about having a Boyfriend. It may seem important now, but it isn’t. You are so, so young. It will happen. One day you will meet someone amazing who will make you see yourself through his eyes and it will be life changing. Your confidence will bloom like it never has. I can’t tell you if you stay with him forever, but I can tell you that it will be brilliant and warming, and fulfilling, and that is what matters.

You don’t yet know the meaning of friendship, Me, but real friends are wonderful. The friends you make will be special and magical and marvellous and perfect. You will do anything for them, and they for you. You will tell them everything, and them you. You will drink a lot of wine, and eat a lot of chocolate and fight and cry, and stress, and moan with them. You won’t see them for months at a time because life is busy, and you’ll feel terrible, but they’ll still be there for you, and you for them, because, whatever you may think, Me, High School Musical was right, we really are ‘all in this together.’

But despite all this apparent wisdom I’ve learnt in the last six years the two most important things I know are as follows: Never stop dancing – it keeps you energised. Don’t drink coffee – it’s the devil.

Lastly, Me, I want to tell you to stop being so careful. I want to tell you to drink more water, and drink more wine; I want you to take more chances; and make new friends every day. I want you to stop worrying, and appreciate all the luck, love, and life that you have. I want you to enjoy yourself, and I want to tell you that you'll have an amazing time. Promise.

Milli Grace writes a fashion and lifestyle blog at artsandgraces.com.

(2018 Update: Millie Grace's Blog is no longer live.)

Beauty | Lush "Let The Good Times Roll" Cleanser Review

Recently when I had put my fancy pants blogger hat on and had a little in depth look at my stats and all that jazz I noticed that my most viewed post of all time is in fact a Lush review, namely my review of their Movis Facial Soap. I do have to say that it was a sight which made me incredibly happy as that particular post does hold a high place in my list of favourite reviews I've published.

Something I believe is crucial to blogging is providing content that your audience will adore so if posts about the latest bit of magic the lovely people at Lush have created is something that floats your boat, I'm more than happy to oblige. And you know me, I'm not one to pass up an opportunity to purchase even more Lush products with the excuse of it being for a blog post, am I?

Today I thought I'd continue with the theme of Lush and their skincare beauties by sharing with you a product that I simply adore but think its really overlooked by the vast majority of Lush shoppers. I'm talking about the Let The Good Times Roll Face and Body Cleanser.

I've been using this particular product for a fair while now and it's definitely become a real staple in my skincare routine. As with everything from the golden people at Lush, this cleanser is honestly such a pleasure to use and I truly believe my skin would not be the same without it.

I use Let The Good Times Roll after removing my makeup (with the Lush Movis face soap of course) and apply it by popping a small piece in my the centre of my palm and adding a dash or two of water until a grainy paste-like consistency is created. From there I simply massage it all over my face and neck, taking my time of course to allow my skin a proper pamper, and remove using a warm damp flannel.

Now it wouldn't be a Lush product without super duper natural ingredients would it? This particular cleanser primarily features Maize Flower - which provides it with its dough-like consistency and its magical powers of exfoliation - but the likes of polenta, corn oil and cinnamon powder have also been mixed into this skin-improving potion to work their own magic. I appreciate that this mix of ingredients may not

One of the definite contributing factors to this product taking its place as one of my holy grail skincare products is how caring it is to the skin. Don't get me wrong, this cleanser exfoliates like it's nobody's business but it's so gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling soft and nourished as opposed to stripped of its goodness. I don't know how the team of lush have invented a product that can commit such sorcery but I'm definitely not complaining. For this reason I'm able to use this product on my skin each and every day however I would recommend refraining from doing so if you have more sensitive skin as your skin may not enjoy the tough love that your skin experiences.

The one negative element of this product I've discovered is it's quite a tricky task to remove all of the cleanser from your skin as a result of the rather gritty nature of the product once the paste has been created. The vast majority of the cleanser can be removed with the use of a flannel but I do find myself feeling the need to splash my face with water a handful of times following the removal just to remove any excess. I've also found that a good swipe of toner can also remove any stray extras, leaving you with a completely clean face.

Let The Good Times Roll features a scent reminiscent of a good cinema snack; a sweet addictive buttery caramel-like smell that is honestly good enough to eat (but remember this is a treat for your skin, not your stomach). I'd also like to take a moment to mention the extra little treat Lush provide you with in the form of tiny pieces of popcorn that lurk within the dough-like product to add an extra little bit of magic to the cleanser.

Something my student bank-balance definitely values about this product is the fact that a little truly does go a long way so a single pot can last a fair while. For this reason I always purchase the 100g pot however Lush does also stock a ginormous 250g pot if you're one of those go big or go home types.

Let The Good Times Roll retails at £6.95 for a 100g pot and is available in Lush stores and online here.

Beauty | A Sleek Haul

The first thing I think of when the word January is uttered is sales. I thought I'd take the opportunity to splash out on myself a little bit at a time where my purse will take less of a hit but I'll still get my hands on lots of lovely goodies. Sleek was the first stop on my online shopping spree and I was lucky enough to nab many a wonderful bargain.

I must admit, I initially only clicked onto the Sleek website with the intention of treating myself to the "Sunset" palette but, as soon as my eyes clapped onto the incredible offers they had on, a couple of other items just fell into my basket with it. Each of the little beauties I purchased have been holding places on my mental beauty wish list for a fair while now so I though it was about time that I added them to my collection. And what better time than when they're in the sale?

Where better to start than with the products that Sleek are arguably most famous for: their palettes. I was rather delighted to see that some of the eyeshadow palettes were available for half their recommended retail price, pricing them at a mere £4.00. Although I could have quite easily splashed out and brought all of the palettes available on this offer, I managed to display a bit of will power and only added the beautiful "Garden of Eden" palette to my basket. This palette has the colours of mother nature at is very heart, featuring a pleasant array of earthy greens and browns alongside dusky purples. Although I'm yet to swatch any of the shades (breaking into a new palette is one of my least favourite things about makeup; I'd simply love to preserve the beauty of a fresh palette) I can already tell that they're going to be wonderfully pigmented and incredibly versatile colours.

The Sleek "Garden of Eden" Palette retails at £7.99.

As I previously mentioned, I started my Sleek splurge with the plan of purchasing the "Sunset" palette, so of course I couldn't possibly complete the transaction without that particular product in my basket. I was ever so excited to return home from a weekend away to find this particular product on my doormat; I'm sure it'll be put to great use and I'll make sure to give it a review on my little slice of the internet, don't you stress your pretty little head. The shades within this palette are all inspired by the sun, sea and sand meaning that its full to the brim of rich shimmering golds, reds and blues. Although the theme of this palette may inspire thoughts of the summer months, each of the shades are so versatile they can be used at any point throughout the calendar. I'm particularly in love with the shade "Horizon" (which is placed second in from the left on the top row), it's so beautiful and just perfect for this time of year.

The Sleek "Sunset" Palette retails at £7.99 and can be purchased online here.

I'm a massive lover of all brow-products currently so I simply couldn't resist making an eyebrow related purchase. Something that immediately caught my eye was the Eye Brow Perfector, a brow gel that aims to give your brows wonderful definition whilst taming any strays. As I'm rather loyal to my Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil, I was simply craving a brow-taming gel as opposed to something pigmented so I decided to go for the clear shade although they do offer both light and dark brown shades if that pickles your pepper a bit more.

 The Sleek Eye Brow Perfector retails at £4.99 and can be purchased online here.

Another sale product that caught my eye was their blushers. I'm currently in the process of expanding my blusher collection so simply couldn't resist nabbing one up whilst they were half price. I chose the shade "Suede" as it was one of the more neutral shades available, something I definitely like in a blush product. From the swatches I've done it appears to be very pigmented so I'm rather excited to start trying it out.

The Sleek Blush in "Suede" retails at £4.99 and can be purchased online here.

On to the lip products; one of the elements of my order that I was most excited for. One of the first products I picked up was a Pout Polish in the shade "Bare Minimum", inspired by my desire to find the perfect natural lip for those more bare faced days. This isn't my first pout polish so I'm very excited to have yet another conditioning balm that provides a slight tint. Each of these balms are also formulated with SPF 15 and natural oils such as almond oil, shea butter and Vitamin E, meaning that they work wonders for your lips whilst leaving them looking lovely. As this was another beauty marked with the Sale label I managed to get my hands on it for £2.24, a complete and utter bargain if I do say so myself.
The Sleek Pout Polish Lip Balm in "Bare Minimum" retails at £4.49

I also managed to nab a lipstick or two (or five if truth be told) for a mere £2.50 each whilst I was at it. Although it was ever so hard to choose between all of the wonderful shades they had on offer, I ended up added two sheen shades and three matte shades to my collection. As with all Sleek lipsticks they all seem highly pigmented and conditioning and I'm ever so excited to try them out. Continuing my quest for a nude lip, I nabbed up the matte shade "Bare All" alongside the sheen shades "Liqueur" and "Succumb". Each and every one of these shades is wonderfully beautiful and are going make great additions to my ever-growing collection. I also chose the matte shade "Russian Roulette", a truly stunning colour that will create the most perfect red lip, and the darker matte shade "Dare", a colour that is just perfect for this time of year.  

The Sleek True Colour Lipstick in "Bare All" retails at £4.99 and can be purchased online here.

The Sleek True Colour Lipstick in "Liqueur" retails at £4.99 and can be purchased online here.

The Sleek True Colour Lipstick in "Succumb" retails at £4.99 and can be purchased online here.

The Sleek True Colour Lipstick in "Russian Roulette" retails at £4.99 and can be purchased online here.

The Sleek True Colour Lipstick in "Dare" retails at £4.99 and can be purchased online here.

If any of these products has particularly caught your eye and you'd like to see a review or two, give me a bell and I'll add it to my ever-growing to-write list.

Have you made any Sleek purchases lately?

Lifestyle | A Week In My Life: Festive Edition

This past week  has been rather a good'un so I thought it would be a jolly good idea to give you an insight into my little world and show you some of the adventures it brought. As I'm a rather nosey little human, I'm a massive fan of this type of post and I do hope that you lovely lot are too.

Although some of these snaps have indeed been borrowed from my Instagram (my username is Chloe_Bellamy1 if you fancy a little nosey), I've treated you to some unseen beauties from the past week to give you further insight into my adventures.
Monday 28th December
Oh my, Monday was a busy one. But what's a better way to kick off the week than with a trip to London? I was lucky enough to be treated to a trip to the capital by my wonderful parents who brought me tickets to the bank holiday matinee of Wicked, my favourite musical. The show was as truly wonderful as ever and the new cast are incredible. Following the performance we took a trip to Oxford Street and the little beauty that is Forever 21. I must admit, I splashed out slightly more than I initially planned for  but we all deserve a treat every now and again don't we?

Tuesday 29th December
Tuesday was a family day when we took a trip to Milton Keynes to visit my lovely aunt and uncle and cousins. I don't see anywhere near as much of my immediate family as I'd like so it was ever so nice to get the chance to spend some time with them enjoying tea and cake and exchanging festive gifts. It was also a day where I was rather content with my makeup look, as I clearly displayed by the many selfies I filled my phone with. I appreciate that this may appear like an extreme display of vanity but lets me honest, truly good make up days are so far and few between that we must make the most of them.

Wednesday 30th December
Wednesday was a fairly boring one I'm afraid. After a bit of a lie in I popped into town to meet one of my friends for a lovely post-christmas catch up. Part of the purpose of our meeting was to take a trip to our local piercing shop for her to add another ear piercing to her collection (being the needle phobe I am I steered clear of the piercing room itself of course). It looks ever so lovely and really suits her so it was definitely a worth while trip. Following a trek round practically all of the restaurants Peterborough city centre boasts to try and track down an available table we ended up in good old Burger King. After a quick nip into Primark to add to my ever-expanding pyjama collection, I had to head off to work where a 7 hour shift awaited me. To be fair it does win the award for one of the better midweek shifts I've done but it was still rather gruelling when I could practically hear my bed calling me.

 (slight disclaimer: this snap may have indeed been from a shift a few weeks back but I'm sure you don't mind).
Thursday 31st December
Thursday was another quiet one. After a lazy morning I took a trip to my local Costa for a bite to eat, followed by some last minute present buying for those lovely family members I'm yet to have seen over this festive period. I did give myself the chance to have a little gaze at the stunning stationary T K Maxx has to offer and it was ever so hard to resist the temptation to purchase a million and one notebooks bearing motivational quotes. This was the day where I finally managed to tick "Take New Passport Photos" off my to-do list. The concept of a single photo staying with me for a good ten years is rather daunting but I guess the final photo I found myself holding on this occasion could be worse, so I'm quite content. The remainder of the afternoon was spent attempting (or perhaps failing might be a more fitting word) to cram for my upcoming mock exams. Those more observant amongst you may realise that Thursday was indeed New Year's Eve but I'm sorry to inform you that I had a rather tame evening in comparison with my fellow teenage counterparts. To put it simply, I'm just not a fan of New Year's Eve and its festivities, so I chose to have a chilled night in with pyjamas, takeaway pizza and my good friend Netflix.  I know I know, the award for most boring seventeen year old goes to me.

Friday 1st January
Friday was more of a travelling day than anything as myself and my lovely family made the journey down to Surrey ahead of the annual family festive shindig my aunt and uncle host for a good twenty or so of my immediate family. We arrived in the early evening where we were greeted with a delicious meal and a little tipple or two. The rest of the evening was spent with lots of doggie cuddles (blog meet  Smudge - he's slightly gorgeous) and catch up chats.

Saturday 2nd January
Saturday played host to the main family do, so (as you can expect from a household of a good twenty or so people) everything was really rather hectic. Following a fairly relaxed morning, I found myself - drink in hand - having catch up after catch up with every man and his dog (literally - there were seven dogs joining in the festivities meaning rather a lot of doggie cuddles). The afternoon brought the return of our annual family present-giving session and I was lucky enough to really treated by everyone, something I of course appreciate ever so much. Sadly my anxiety got the better of me at some point during mid afternoon so I found myself taking a break from the festivities and removing myself to a quiet room to watch Eastenders in an attempt to relax my little mind. Being joined by some four legged friends did me the world of good and I was soon fighting fit again. Saturday evening was spent in the usual relaxed fashion, drinking cocktails at the bar and playing game after game of table football. Rather a late night was had by all on this occasion, I must admit, but it is Christmas!

Sunday 3rd January
The week came to a close on Sunday with a quiet day that primarily consisted of goodbyes and a long car journey back up to the midlands. Considering it was the first Sunday I've had off from work in a little while it would have been nice to make the most of it and get up to something exciting, but to be completely honest I was rather shattered from the weeks events so a relaxed day suited me nicely. Surprisingly enough I did find myself rather missing being at work, although I must admit that it was probably more the people I missed as opposed to the work itself. The rest of the day was spent unpacking and revising before a quiet takeaway and Netflix binge to end the week. 

Reading back over the weeks rambles, rather a good time has been had all round I think. It was definitely a busy yet relaxing way to spend the post-Christmas week and I definitely think it's prepared me for next weeks return to reality.

I must admit, I really have enjoyed composing this post over the course of the week and I'd definitely be keen to do this type of post more often; as long as it's something you all enjoy of course.
Have you all had a good week?