Lifestyle | Five Happy Things #1

In an attempt to encourage a more positive outlook on life, I've decided to start my own little Five Happy Things Project, to share with you, every so often, what things are keeping my spirits up as of late. And what better time to start than when festive cheer is rife?

Here's what has made me happy recently:

1. Catching Up With A Good Book
For me the winter months are when my inner bookworm truly comes out to play and I've been thoroughly enjoying getting my nose into more titles. I've had a rather extensive list of books I aimed to get my hands on over the past year but sadly this list has had to be pushed forward to 2016 as I've been well and truly lacking in reading time recently (ever so slightly off topic but you will be able to have a peek at my "To Read in 2016" list at some point in the coming weeks; keep your eyes peeled). I made my first library trip of the past few months earlier in the week and picked up a range of books that I've been obsessing over so far, so expect a review or two in the not so distant future.

2. Surprise Texts
It's always nice when someone takes time out of their day to send you a little text to let you know they're thinking about you. Recently I was lucky enough to have a lovely individual send me an impromptu message just to check how I was following a rather tough day and it really made me smile knowing that someone cared enough to ask, particularly someone who I wouldn't expect to.

3. Pyjamas
I'm a little embarrassed to admit just how much time I have spent in my pyjamas this past week. Primark do some wonderful little bedtime beauties; enough said.

4. The Michalak Family Vlogs
Oh how I do love this little family. Their weekly vlogs are normally the highlight of my Sunday evenings (they make the perfect partner to a warm mug of hot chocolate following a long shift at work) and now I'm really rather loving watching their Vlogmas videos. I really struggle to understand how they do not have a billion and one more subscribers; their videos are the definition of perfection (although I do have to admit that watching their adorable son Grayson grow up is making me ever so slightly broody - but let's just keep that between us).

If you have never been blessed with the viewing of one of their vlogs, you can find them here. Enjoy.

5. Movie Nights
When it's rather freezing outside there truly is nothing better than watching a good film on Netflix (particularly something festive at this time of year; Love Actually I'm looking at you) whilst all snuggled up in bed with a pair of cosy pyjamas and a hot chocolate in hand.

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What has made you happy recently?


  1. merry christmas!!!!and i have the same list too!!!!:)

  2. and right now all that is making me happy is Christmas!!!!! :)

  3. MOVIE NIGHTS are the number one things to make your mood go up!!

    The Life of Little Me

  4. This post is really lovely Chloe! Surprize texts are always nice but new jammies (especially Christmas ones) are my favourite! <3

    Gisforgingers xx