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I thought it would be ever so nice to start my own little version of the 'Currently' series that the blogging world seems to have fallen in love with. So without further ado, here's what's been happening in my life as of late:
 My current bedside read is The End Of Everything by Megan Abbott. So far I'm struggling ever so slightly to get into it but I'm sure a couple more cosy nights in with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and a book in the other will leave me madly in love with the tale.
I'll have to admit, I'm pretty devastated good ol' I'm A Celebrity is all done and dusted for the year. But wasn't it good? My current one true love in the TV world is, and has been for a while, Impractical Jokers. I constantly find myself watching re-runs and clips online and I've been rather loving watching the new series of a Monday night.
In the film world I'm continuing the challenge (as set in my 101 in 1001 post) to watch 100 new films. So far Netflix has shared four new movie beauties with me (The Rebound has been my definite favourite so far) and I must say I am rather loving having an extra excuse to have a cosy night in.
It's December... it's Christmas music time. I'll be honest, my Christmas playlist never leaves my Spotify account but now that the world's getting a bit more christmassy I feel like it's completely ok to be open about my festive listening.
I seem to be living in my pajamas at the moment. Primark and Misguided are doing themselves proud at the moment in the nightwear department at the moment and that's making me ever so happy.
The good TV that we seem to have been blessed with recently. I know not everyone's going to be a fan but this time of year welcomes some of my favourite shows (for example; I'm a Celebrity, Strictly Come Dancing and The Apprentice) alongside some new little beauties (namely Cuffs).
This is going to be a random one but I'm madly in love with the cereal Krave at the moment. Krave is something that I've been a fan of since it first hit the shelves way back when, but for some reason at the moment I'm finding myself enjoying it for practically every meal.
If you haven't tried the Costa 'Caramel Fudge' Hot Chocolate from their wonderful festive menu, you're missing out; enough said.
Every so Christmassy. Lots of Christmas shopping and talks of great Christmas do's with some of my favourite people have left me feeling ever so festive.
Needing To
Finish buying all of my Christmas presents. I sadly think I've splashed more cash on fancy festive wrapping bits and pieces than I have presents at the moment!
Looking Forward To
The festive period of course.
I was lucky enough to nab a rather nice pay packet last month as a result of rather a lot of overtime and I've definitely treated myself to a nice little gift or two. I definitely enjoyed the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and managed to get my hands on many a bargain.
A chilled out festive period. The past few months haven't been the nicest for me so I'm craving some "me time" and time spent relaxing with my loved ones.
For a white Christmas? A girl can dream can't she. I'd mention a good ol' kiss under the mistletoe but let's be realistic.

How's your December going for you?

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