My Affirmation For The Year Ahead

And just like that it's 2020.

The first few days of a brand new year always play host to a flurry of new years resolutions and exclamations of 'new year, new me'. And I often find that this can cause us to feel pressure to self-scrutinise and make all sorts of changes in our lives. But who says the turn of a new year needs to be given so much significance?

Whilst new year goal setting may be a fab practise for some people, personally I know for me they won't be all that positive. I don't want to enter 2020 with a whole heap unreachable goals and quests which may create a lifestyle that feels a little bit like a pressure cooker.

So I've decided this year to take a more positive stance to new year goal setting and focus my efforts on creating an affirmation I want to shape my year around.

In the latter end of 2019 I began to grow my awareness of affirmations and the power they can have in creating positive thoughts and an overall positive lifestyle. If you're not clued up on the whole affirmation malarkey, it's simply an empowering phrase or sentence we repeat to ourselves over and over again throughout the day. Repeating your affirmation regularly works to alter your mentality and trains your brain into believing the statement. It can be anything, from something simple like "today is going to be a good day" to something more significant to you and your current priorities. 

So I've decided to create my own empowering affirmation to set the tone for the year ahead, in line with my continued focus on creating a positive lifestyle that supports my mental wellbeing. 

So what's my affirmation for 2020?

My affirmation for the year ahead is 'I can just let it be'.

This affirmation is one whose roots lie within one of my favourite songs of all time; a song where the lyrics really resonate with me and hold significant meaning in my life. That song? Let It Be by The Beatles.

Basing an affirmation around musical lyrics may seem trivial to some but it is a song which has spoken to me since I was a child and ultimately I believe we should look for a deeper meaning behind music and lyrics and use them to inspire and motivate us in our daily lives.

For those unfamiliar with the history of the song, the lyrics stem from a dream Paul McCartney had, in which his late mother appeared to him and told him that "it will be alright, just let it be".

I have chosen an affirmation to combat this and clear my mind of thoughts which have no positive purpose in my life. Instead of letting myself overthink and dwell on things, I'm going to consciously choose to repeat the affirmation 'I can just let it be' and fill my mind with positive thoughts which can rewrite my mindset.

I am someone who is prone to overthinking; prone to letting my anxieties consume my thoughts. Often the situations we overthink are ones we have zero control over which means that allowing these thoughts to control our mind is a completely futile practise. The affirmation of 'I can just let it be' aims to let me focus my mind on the fact that I can't control these events and that's ok, as sometimes in life we just need to let things be and see how they play themselves out.

Have you decided on an affirmation for 2020?