Christmas Outfit of the Day!

Hello! This is my christmas 2012 outfit of the day! Well it's not really what i wore on christmas day but today it's family christmas at my auntie's house so it sort of counts! The pictures are terrible because i took them on my phone so sorry about that! But here you go:

Dress: Topshop (£26)
Red Knitted Cardi: New Look (£17.99)
Black Tights: Primark (not sure of the price but really cheap!)
Brown Boots: Primark (£20)
Oh and i picked up my bracelets (if you can see them) from a cute little shop in the market bit of Athens, Greece! I have three, each of them a different colour, and one says Smile, one says Believe and the other says Love. I absolutely love them so i might post about them again soon!
I love this outfit because it's a sort of vintage style and quite casual but it still looks lovely! And it's made up of quite basic wardrobe pieces, a dress+cardi, but you can experiment with the colours and styles if you want.
Hope you like this outfit and it gives you some inspiration maybe?
Comment and tell me what you think!
Lots of Love
P.S: I hope you all had a lovely christmas!

Saturday Questionnaire!

I saw this done on Beauty Splash, which is an amazing little blog, and i decided that it would be a lovely little thing to do so here you are! It's my saturday questionnaire ~

1. Mood:
Super excited because OMG IT'S NEARLY CHRISTMAS!

2. In what order do you apply your make-up?
For school i put on concealer, foundation, more concealer (to cover up any extra blemishes i still have), mascara and then lipgloss. But at a weekend i put on concealer, foundation, more concealer, eye-shadow, this little sparkly blusher thing, mascara and then lipgloss.

3. What is one thing that made you smile today?
My dad took me out shopping to this new retail park thing, so i could buy presents for my nan to give me, and we went to costa and had a nice hot drink and a chat, which was lovely.

4. Current nail polish?
Natural Collection's Prauline. I brought it yesterday, because i've tried lots of natural collections nail polishes (the colours are beautiful and my nails seem to stay perfect forever) and the colour really stood out to me. It's looks lovely, really wintery (is that a word?)

5. Have you ever had a kiss under the mistletoe?
No :(

6. Current outfit
A grey jumper with little silver beads all over it (i'm not sure where it's from though), Primark black skinny jeans and a black strappy top!

7. Moment of truth: do you usually drive above the speed limit?
I can't drive yet!

8. If you could spend the holidays anywhere in the whole world, where would it be?
I wouldn't want to spend christmas anywhere else but at home with my family, it's the best place.

9. Do you know any sign language?
Only my name! And to be honest i don't know if i can even remember that!

10. Weekly Goals:
Well i need to get all my presents sorted (2 days left eeek) and buy some nice cards for my family! And i need to some how create  a christmas show in a week, ready for my cousins to perform on saturday! That should be intresting...

If anyone else wants to do it, feel free! I'm not going to tag anyone, so it's up to you if you want to or not! But thankyou for reading!

Lots of Love

Last Minuet Presents!

So it's 8 days until christmas. I've been a bit rubbish this year and i haven't brought a thing! To make things worse, my school doesn't finish until thursday, and then i have a meeting on friday, so i'm not going to make it shopping until the weekend. And anyone who has ever experienced last-minuet christmas shopping (especially in a city with a population as high as peterborough) will be able to tell you that it really isn't an option. So i've been making my gifts this year! It's an great little idea, that the person recieving your gift will love. It shows just how much you care.

Here are just two of my idea's for quick and easy gifts that your loved onces will love!

I love scrapbooks! The best thing is you don't have to be a crafting genius to make a nice one! Sometimes the best are simple. Just buy a blank scrapbook (Hobbycraft has some really nice ones), print off some nice photos and get to work. Decorate your pages with lots of cute stick-ons! Glitter, buttons, stickers... whatever you want! The Craft Shop does some really cute ones.

(We Heart It)

Personalised Canvas

 The name says it all. This works well as a kids present - but you could adapt it for adults too. Just buy a canvas, from an art or craft shop, buy some stuff to stick on it and get going! You could paint the canvas if you choose (use acrylic paint, it's the best one) but it's up to you!


If you need any more ideas just ask!

Lots of Love

Tried and Tested: Soap and Glory - Flake Away Body Polish

So the last time i did tried and tested (if you haven't read my review yet it's here) you guys seemed to like it so i've decided to test another product! And it is...

Soap and Glory - Flake Away Body Polish

This is what Soap and Glory's website say about it ~

"A superhero strength skin smoothing body polish with shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. Transforms your scaly legs from reptilian to radiant. Scented with our Original Pink™ fragrance."

And i know most of the time companys really big up their product to make to buy it and then it turns out to be a litle bit crap but this description is honestly so true! I love this product so much! I used it earlier after shaving and my legs feel so smooth and lovely.

The only problem i had with the product is after i washed it off, all the little salt bits went to the bottom of the bath, so after all the water had gone down the plughole i had to use the shower to wash it out and that took forever...

But apart from that i couldn't reccomend this product more! It's makes your legs feel so silky smooth and it smells lovely!

Lots of Love

Hello December!

Wow how quickly has this year gone! It feels like the last time i looked at my calender it was May! It's amazing!
I absolutely love December. It's my favourite time of the year and i always seem to end up counting down the days until it begins again, the minuet it finishes! So i've made a list of some of my favourite things about December!

I know it's an obvious choice but it's the best part of the month. It's all my favourite things packed into one day - decorations, presents, roast dinners, family, friends and happiness.
2) Hot Drinks and Starbucks Red Cups

Winter is the best time of the year for hot drinks and Starbucks make it extra special with their cups! A hot drink and a cheeky cake when you're taking a break  from your christmas shopping on a cold day; what's better than that?
3) Christmas Music!

However cheesy and annoyingly catchy most of the songs are, you have to love christmas songs! They really get you into the festive spirit and make you want to join in and dance around!
4) The Holidays!

No work or school? Enough said.
5) Christmas Cards!

I love giving and recieving christmas cards! They're little bits of love in letter form! My house is always full of them, and i like to put up my ones in my bedroom, but they normally don't come down till easter because i enjoy looking at them so much! And what's better than a homemade christmas card?
6) Snow!

Even though we don't get much of it in the UK, the snow is one of the best parts of winter! I love waking up in the morning looking outside to see the world covered in a snowy white blanket - it's beautiful!
7) Shopping!

I love christmas shopping, picking out special gifts for those special people in your lives! And at christmas it's exta special because all the shops are decorated and have beautiful window displays! One thing i am rubbish at though is sticking to a budget! If i see something that 100% suits a person, i have to buy it (no matter how much it is). And one thing that is especially great is how you can buy yourself things whilst shopping but it's ok because it's an 'early christmas present'...
8) Christmas candles!

I'm not normally a candle person but brought one last week and i absolutely love it! It makes the room smell all lovely and christmasy (is that a word?)!

9) Lights!


One of my favourite memories of christmas when i was younger is when we used to visit my grandparents on christmas eve and drive back in the dark and sometimes the snow, and on the way we'd drive through lots of little pretty villages where all the houses were lit up and looked beautiful! So i guess that's something i'll always love about christmas!

So that's my list of some of my favourite things about christmas! What are yours? I'd love to hear some of them :)

Lots of Love

A Few of My Favourite Bloggers

I follow absolutely loads of lovely blogs and they all give me so much inspiration for what i post and as well as that their posts sort of give me a boost as a person if that makes sense? Some of them are blogs that are followed my thousands, others have less than 50 followers but it just prooves that you don't have to have loads of people reading everything you post for it to mean something to your readers? I get something out of reading all of them - they make me feel betting in myself. So i owe quite a lot to all of them! And because of that i wanted to share all of their blogs! I'm not going to write about why i love their blogs because i'll be here forever (honestly) but i think if you just take a look at their blogs it'll be pretty obvious! And i can't post all of them so i picked out my top 2 'big blogs' and my top two 'smaller blogs' for you guys! So here they are...


Sprinkle of Glitter

Aloha Rosie

Miss Chillie

I promise promise promise i will post a longer list soon but i'm about to get crafting for the first time in ages so this is just a quick one!

Lots of Love

10 Gorgeous Girly Gifts Under £20!


So i've been busy writing my christmas list for this year! It's christmas day a month tomorrow so we don't have long left for all the shopping for everyone so i thought i'd lend a helping hand! I've been searching all over the internet to create a list of 10 presents under £10! These are perfect for little presents for friends or family, stocking fillers, secret santa gifts ect. Enjoy!



Lots of Love


I love memories. I love how you can have one amazing day that seems to go on forever because of the fantastic photos/videos/keepsakes you have from it. And no matter how long it's been since you've had that little adventure, looking at what might just be some useless object to someone else, brings back all the memories of that day.
Im lucky that I have lots of lovely memories. Like the times my grandparents took me to the fair, the first time I met Ronan Parke, my trips to Greece in 2010 and 2012, all the concerts I've been to in my life, days out and the amazing weekend in Belgium I had with my school friends in March. Each of these memories are individual to me, and I love that. I am the person I am today because of my past – these memories.
Ive always kept souvenirs. A few months ago I went through I box my dad got down from the loft for me and I found concert tickets, postcards, train/bus tickets, photos and lots more little random things that can't really be put into a category, from various trips out when I was younger, Looking through them almost instantly I was transported back in my mind to that day.
Above my bed in my room I have a notice board. Its just a cheap one from argos but I love it (You can buy it here). I have filled it with most of the things from the box, along with some of my favourite photos, quotes, leaflets ect. So when Im having a bad day I can just look at my memory board and be reminded of all the happy times.
Its all my favourite moments from my life piled into one space.

And now you get to giggle at some of my old photos...

Hope you enjoyed this! And maybe comment and tell me about some of your favourite memories yeah?

Lots of Love

Tried and Tested Update: St Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Blemish Fighting Scrub

I know i said i'd test this product for a month before telling you what i think but i'm too excited to wait! So here you go...

I love love love love love this scrub! I'd tried hundreds and thousands of scrubs and none of them worked for me. But my mum suggested this scrub to me when i went to Tesco with her, because she has used the brand before and i'm so happy she did! Immediately after using the scrub for the first time my skin felt softer and looked alot healthier! And this continued everytime i used it! I've been using it about once every 2 days, so in total i using it 3-4 times a week, which is what is recommended on the bottle and it is fab. My skin isn't great, i get lots of break outs and blemishes but since using this product, lots of my breakouts have cleared up and i'm waking up to less and less spots every day! And it's been alot easier for me to put make-up on! It sits better and i don't have to pile it one to hide spots, which is helping my skin even more!

I know i probably sound like one of those TV adverts where they try to make the product sound as amazing as physically possible but it's true! This scrub really works! My skin looks healthier and nicer, and because of that i feel more confident! I'd really recommend this to anyone - if you have bad skin or not!

Lots of Love

You are beautiful.

These days you can't log on to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr ect without seeing at least 10 posts from people about how they are not happy with themselves. It's mainly girls. It seems that in some peoples weird heads, you are not beautiful unless you are stick thin, blonde, tanned, spot-free and wear the latest clothes. Wrong.

I'll admit, i don't like standing out from the croud. It feels weird, you feel like people are staring at you because you're wearing different shoes/clothes/make-up to everyone else. Really you should embrace it. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Whether you are still at school or not you will understand what i'm talking about. Non-school uniform days. Days that while you look forward to them, you end up dreading. You feel that people are going to judge you based on what you wear so your outfit must be perfect. Walking through school you feel like all eyes are on you and you 'far from perfect' outfit. I'll admit, i do this alot. I spend most of my life comparing myself to others for some reason, and non-school uniform days are a good example of this. But i don't see why these days need to be so stressful. The idea is it's fun and easy so it's a good way of raising money for good causes. There shouldn't be little imaginary contests between people over who has the best outfit. It should be a time where everyone can wear what they want and be happy in their chosen outfit. It's a time for people to be creative with styles and show off the real them. Not a day when hundreds of girls come dressed in pretty much the same outfit and then battle out in their heads over who looks the best.

Every person in the world is made differently. No two babies (even identical twins) are born looking exactly the same. Why do we need to change this in later life? Dying our hair because it's the wrong colour, wearing fake tan because we're too pale, wearing tonnes of make-up because you don't have the best skin in the world. We all do it at some point. Change something about us because we don't think it fits in with the croud. Whether it be something small like wearing eye-liner or something huge like plastic surgery. Why? There is nobody like you in the world so why do you need to look like someone else?

If you're reading this thinking "i do that quite a bit" stop. I know i sound like such a hypocrite telling you to stop doing something because it's wrong, when i do it myself, but i know that what i do is stupid and i try to tell myself over and over that it is wrong but somehow i can't stop. It's how i am and how i always will be. But if you can stop beating yourself up about something as stupid as clothes, why don't you?

One things for sure, this 'fashion battle' trend will probably go on for all time if we don't stop doing it in our heads. We just need to somehow drill in the message that we are individuals, we should embrace that not hide it away. Just be yourself instead of trying to be someone you're not. Everyone is beautiful and should be confident in their own skin. And being different is the most beautiful thing in the world. So why change?

Lots of Love