Why It's Ok If You're Not Being 'Productive' During The Lockdown

There has been so much talk about things you can do during the lockdown. Articles on ‘Ways to keep productive’ and ‘10 things you can do to keep busy’ have been flying off the virtual shelves. But this creates this immense pressure that we need to be keeping constantly busy. Social media has made us believe that we need to be baking from scratch, spring cleaning our entire homes, starting 6 online courses and crafting a whole jewellery collection, and all before 1pm. And boy, if I had a pound for the number of tweets about banana bread I've seen in the past fortnight, I would be laughing.

And for some people this is great. If you are one of those people who thrives when keeping busy then brilliant. Enjoy your baking, crafting, cleaning and home workouts. If that’s what keeps you content and sane during this uncertain times, do it. In such a new and challenging time we need to find a lifestyle which works well for us as individuals and run with it. If you’re a bit of a ‘Keep Busy Karen’ (as I’ve named them - how creative of me), keep doing what you’re doing and it all looks fantastic.

But I want to write an ode to those of us who have taken on more of a ‘Relaxed Rachel’ lifestyle in recent weeks. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been remotely productive recently. I’ve kept myself occupied with lie-ins, reading, TV binge watching and more bubble baths than my water bill will appreciate. I have written a daily to-do list to add structure to my day but it’s mainly consisted of self care tasks and the necessary uni and blogging odd jobs that needed doing. And do you know what? This approach to life at the moment is ok too. If you’re going to feel better during this time taking a calmer approach and spending most of your time relaxing, do it. You’re not being ‘lazy’, you are looking after yourself in the way that suits you best. And that’s what we should all be doing right now.

Ultimately, it’s just so important to just listen to what your mind and body are telling you they need right now. Don’t feel the need to replicate the ways other people are coping with isolation, you are under no pressure to do or ‘achieve’ anything at the moment.

We find ourselves in a situation we’ve never been in before. It’s new, it’s uncertain, it’s challenging and it’s honestly terrifying, so we are all handling it in different ways. Some people like to keep busy and find that it keeps their mind at ease, whilst others prefer being calm. And wherever you find yourself on this scale, it’s ok.

The only thing that truly needs to be on our to-do lists at this time is to keep healthy and safe; that is the one thing we all need to achieve and that is why the lockdown is in place. Stay safe and look after yourself and one another.
Disclaimer - I feel the need to make a note that these photos were taken a year ago so no lock-down rules were breached, don't you worry. The 'Busy Doing Nothing' jumper just seemed ever so fitting.