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Message From The Editor: 2016 is the year that I turn the grand old age of eighteen (I know - young blogger alert). I'm a May baby so I have roughly four months and counting until adulthood begins and to say I feel unprepared is the understatement of the century. It's fair to say that I feel desperately in need of some advice and wisdom from those who have already completed this year of their life, so in my time of need I have turned to the blogging community. For the foreseeable future, every Sunday here on Yours Chloe is going to play host to a different guest blogger who have taken the time to compose a letter to their eighteen-year-old self sharing some of the wisdom they have amassed in their years since turning 18. Some of the letters have taken on themes such as relationships, education, friendships etc. and some of the letters have simply combined said topics and more to create a collection of general pieces of advice. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each of the posts I've been sent for this series and I really do hope you have a similar experience, regardless of the place in life you currently find yourself at. Yours, Chloe x

Dear Me,

Firstly it’s important that you know your life right now is nothing like real life. But that’s OK.

You don’t need to know what you want to do with your life, but if you do, have the courage to commit to it fully. Don’t let anyone try and convince you to do anything else, not your teachers, not your parents, not your friends. You are only young once, and you only have one life. Follow your dreams and make a start.

But, Me, if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. There are second chances. There are third chances if you need them, and fourth and fifth chances too. (But that might be pushing it a bit).

Right now, you can put yourself first. Don’t worry if people call you selfish – you aren’t, you are just trying to figure yourself out. That’s ok. You aren’t selfish, because your heart is good. You’ll find that out for yourself in a few years when you are living in the real adult world. A lot of people don’t have good hearts, and if you notice that, then make sure you are never anything like them. Ever.

You really don’t worry about having a Boyfriend. It may seem important now, but it isn’t. You are so, so young. It will happen. One day you will meet someone amazing who will make you see yourself through his eyes and it will be life changing. Your confidence will bloom like it never has. I can’t tell you if you stay with him forever, but I can tell you that it will be brilliant and warming, and fulfilling, and that is what matters.

You don’t yet know the meaning of friendship, Me, but real friends are wonderful. The friends you make will be special and magical and marvellous and perfect. You will do anything for them, and they for you. You will tell them everything, and them you. You will drink a lot of wine, and eat a lot of chocolate and fight and cry, and stress, and moan with them. You won’t see them for months at a time because life is busy, and you’ll feel terrible, but they’ll still be there for you, and you for them, because, whatever you may think, Me, High School Musical was right, we really are ‘all in this together.’

But despite all this apparent wisdom I’ve learnt in the last six years the two most important things I know are as follows: Never stop dancing – it keeps you energised. Don’t drink coffee – it’s the devil.

Lastly, Me, I want to tell you to stop being so careful. I want to tell you to drink more water, and drink more wine; I want you to take more chances; and make new friends every day. I want you to stop worrying, and appreciate all the luck, love, and life that you have. I want you to enjoy yourself, and I want to tell you that you'll have an amazing time. Promise.

Milli Grace writes a fashion and lifestyle blog at artsandgraces.com.

(2018 Update: Millie Grace's Blog is no longer live.)

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