Christmas Outfit of the Day!

Hello! This is my christmas 2012 outfit of the day! Well it's not really what i wore on christmas day but today it's family christmas at my auntie's house so it sort of counts! The pictures are terrible because i took them on my phone so sorry about that! But here you go:

Dress: Topshop (£26)
Red Knitted Cardi: New Look (£17.99)
Black Tights: Primark (not sure of the price but really cheap!)
Brown Boots: Primark (£20)
Oh and i picked up my bracelets (if you can see them) from a cute little shop in the market bit of Athens, Greece! I have three, each of them a different colour, and one says Smile, one says Believe and the other says Love. I absolutely love them so i might post about them again soon!
I love this outfit because it's a sort of vintage style and quite casual but it still looks lovely! And it's made up of quite basic wardrobe pieces, a dress+cardi, but you can experiment with the colours and styles if you want.
Hope you like this outfit and it gives you some inspiration maybe?
Comment and tell me what you think!
Lots of Love
P.S: I hope you all had a lovely christmas!