Summer Hair: Tousled Waves

The summer hair i'm loving at the moment is the tousled beachy waves style - it's looks so natural and effortless, and it's really easy to achieve!

My hair naturally has the wavy tousled look, and i love it. It's quite effortless, i hardly have to use any products at all to get my hair just the way i want it.

I use herbal essences tousle me softly shampoo and conditioner (£3.89 each from Boots), once every two days and i shampoo it twice to get a great tousled look. On days i haven't washed my hair i use the herbal essences tousle me softly finishing touch cream (£4.79 from Boots) to give it that extra tousled look.

One trick i do use is letting my hair dry naturally! I tend to either wash my hair before bed and let it dry overnight or wash my hair early in the morning and leave it to dry naturally throughout the day.


  1. I love the messy hair look, but it still has to be perfectly messy haha x

    1. i'm the same! Although i want it to look messy i also have to have each bit of hair in a certin place haha x