Primark at ASOS ~ My favourite summer products!

So not long ago ASOS started stocking Primark clothes which excites me so so so much! I love Primark because you can buy lots of lovely clothes for really cheap prices but I have to admit i do hate actually going into Primark. It's always packed with people (especially my local one as it's in the middle of the city centre) so it's so hard to find the products (or sizes) you want. So now being able to buy the best primark products online is perfect for me.
Here's a few of my favourite products that i might just have to treat myself to ~

1 ~ Polka Dot Cut Out Denim Shirt Dress ~ £15.00
2 ~ Floral Print Prom Dress ~ £17.00
3 ~ Denim Pinafore Skater Dress ~ £12.00
4 ~ Mesh Sweetheart Dress ~ £15.00

Have you purchased any of the Primark products from ASOS?
Lots of Love
Chloe xxx


  1. I never realised you could get stuff form Primark via Asos! this will deffinatley save me alot of time, no more hour long queue's!

    i finally did the seven deadly sins of beauty tag if you wanted to check it out?:)


    1. The queues are one of the worst parts of primark aren't they! It's brilliant that me don't have to face them anymore :)

      And great! I'll have a read!

      Chloe xxx

  2. I absolutely adore that pinafore! I saw it before and I thought it was perfect, I was going to go buy it but unfortunately they dont ship to New Zealand ;(

    1. It's stunning isn't it! And that's a shame - it's so irritating when stores won't ship abroad, i have the same issue when i want to buy from stores in the us! Chloe xxx