Summer Wardrobe Staple ~ Playsuits

I am absolutely in love with playsuits. Literally. In my opinion, a girl can never have too many playsuits (although my bank balance may disagree). They're so practical and versatile - you can wear them for all occasion! And you can wear them throughout the year. In Winter wear them with tights and boots, and in Summer, with sandals!
In my opinion, you can't beat a good old highstreet store, as a place to buy playsuits. All the designer ones are all too fancy and formal - completely ruining the point of a playsuit! So here are my top 5 highstreet playsuits!
1 ~ Miss Selfridge
2 ~ River Island
3 ~ Topshop
4 ~ Miss Selfridge
5 ~ River Island
You might have noticed a little pattern in the stores? All these playsuits are from what I call the 'holy three' of high street stores (although other people may disagree) - Miss Selfridge, River Island and Topshop. If I had my way I would buy all my clothes from there but sadly my monthly fashion budget doesn't stretch that far!
What do you think about playsuits?
Lots of Love
Chloe xxx


  1. That third one looks really cute :-)

  2. They're all gorgeous but out of them all I love the 4th one most. I just adore floral prints x


    1. I love floral prints too! They're absolutely beautiful! Chloe x