I Need Help ~ Q&A Post (Free Advertising)!


As part of my "Let's Have a Little Chat" post from yesterday, I asked for you lovely people to send in some questions for me to answer as part of my special 1st blogging birthday Q&A session (oh yes, it's in italics - it's that important).

I have had a few questions from the post and twitter but I desperately need more for it to be a proper post! They can be about anything - beauty, fashion, lifestyle, my life etc.

I'm hoping to write the post on Saturday, which is why I'm pushing to get lots of questions asap! If you want to help me out, please can you comment one (or multiple, multiple is good) question/s for me to use!

I'm planning on sharing the links of the people who send me in questions, as part of the post so you'll get to advertise your blog for free if you do me this favour!

So yes, please please please with a cherry on top, comment some questions!

Lots of Love

Chloe xxx


  1. Before I write another question (as I wrote one on your other post), I want to express that I'm writing it because I am genuinely interested and love your posts! Here we go:
    My place to find a level of solitude is my room - what's your ideal setting/thing to do to be calm?


  2. I would have commented on your original post but I just couldn't think of anything to ask! Here are a few :)

    -what is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
    -if you won a million pounds how would you spend it?
    -what foundation/base do you normally wear?

  3. I was stuck for questions on your last post so didn't comment but here are a few off the top of my head :p congrats on blogging for a whole year btw it is a real achieve to keep at something for so long I hope I can do the same with my blog xx

    1. If your makeup collection was destroyed in a freak accident (heaven forbid) what 3 items would you have to repurchase first?
    2. When the weather gets colder is there a particular item of clothing you cannot be without?
    3. What is you favourite thing about writing realityleaveslotstoimagination?

    xx Emmi