A Quick Apology

I am in the midst of writing a 'fancy' post with lots of words and pictures and all that malarkey but before I post it, I just want to apologise for me not being around in the world of blogging over the last week or so.

As I've mentioned a fair few times before, I'm in year 11, which (if you don't know) is GCSE year.

I have 45 days until my first exam, which is absolutely terrifying, so I'm currently spending lots and lots of my time with my head stuck in a revision guide of some sorts. This means that blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat, and this will probably continue until around June time, when my exams finish.

BUT my summer holiday officially starts at around 10am on 23rd June (after my last exam, which is the joy that is physics; note the sarcasm there) and I'm going to have lots of  free time where I can blog to my hearts content, so expect posts here there and everywhere from that date onwards.

I'm also planning lots of little adventures to different places with different people during the summer months and I'll make sure to take my camera along with me to document it all and share all my snaps with you lovely people.

I also want to say a huge good luck to fellow year 11s and anyone else who is completing some form of examinations in the coming months. Fingers crossed we'll all do fabulously.

But please bear with me over the next two or so months when my posts are a bit higgledy-piggledy. You will still be able to reach me through my social media accounts and emails as usual, if you want a chat, and hopefully this blog will not be desolate for any significant period of time as I'm going to try and pop up at least one post a week for you to have a read of!


  1. oh my gosh so i've been looking through the highs and lows of bloglovin to try and find someone out there who was my age & blogged. THEN I FOUND THIS BLOG! I love it! followed & officially a fan! email me sometime xx

  2. Hope your GCSEs all go well, I'm in the first year of A levels and basically dying from stress :'( stay calm about your exams and try and do as much as you can in the holiday because it will probably be the longest holiday you have where you literally have no educational responsibilities :)


    1. Thank you so much for the advice! I hope your A levels all go well x

  3. Good luck with your GCSEs! You'll be fine :') just study hard and you'll get the grades that you want :) I'm doing my AS exams in a couple of months and I'm so stressed. Make sure while you're studying hard you get time for yourself. It's good to find a balance!

    Beverley xx

    1. Thank you so much for the advice! I hope you AS exams all go well x