Where I've Been: Naxos, Greece

After months of countdowns and holiday preparations, on July 25th we hopped on a giant metal bird and flew to Greece. 'We' consists of myself, my parents, my little sister, my aunt and uncle, and my two cousins (strictly, they're not my official aunt and uncle, but slightly more distant relations that we're very close to, but I'd just get into a pickle if I tried to explain the family tree, so those words will do just nicely). This is our third trip to Greece as a party of eight and we always have a rather spiffing time.


Considering my passion for photography, and the fact that my DSLR rarely leaves my side, few photos were actually taken during this trip. Although part of me wanted to capture every moment, I also wanted to experience it all through my own eyes, rather than through a camera lens, so I tried to resist the temptation to pick my camera up at every single moment. But this post is still going to be pretty darn photo heavy, as well as rather wordy, so why don't you grab yourself a good ol' cup of tea and a slice of cake, and settle down on the sofa before you begin to read my ramblings.

Greece is a country of exquisite beauty, incredible food, glorious sunshine and the loveliest of people. It has such a calming effect of you (something that I welcomed with open arms after the stresses of year 11), and there wasn't a moment of the trip where I wasn't blissfully relaxed. The island we visited this year, Naxos, is the largest of the Cyclades but surprisingly quiet as its lack of 'swimming beaches' means that it remains largely untouched by mass tourism. Our home for the holiday was 'Villa Bella' a four bedroom villa towards the south of the island. The villa had it's own pool which was a total luxury, as well as incredible panoramic views from the roof terrace (something I definitely took advantage of when I was in need of a backdrop for my Airport OOTD photos).

We spent thirteen perfect days sunning it up on the island, and most days were spent blissfully relaxing by the pool - stealing some time in the sun whilst engrossed in one of the many books I took on this adventure with me - or lazily swimming in the pool. When the evenings hit and the sun began to dip behind the mountains, we'd potter over to one of the local tavernas to sample some of the Greek culinary delights. Our starters always consisted of Greek Salad and Tzatsiki (a heavenly dip consisting of Greek yoghurt, cucumber and garlic), along with any other Greek appetisers that took our fancy that particular night. Main course-wise, it varied from night to night. A particular favourite Greek dish of mine has always been pasticcio, a baked pasta dish that contains ground beef and béchamel sauce. I could honestly live off that stuff; it's honestly heaven in a little clay pot.

On a couple of occasions we opted for a change of scenery and hopped in our rented cars (one of which was a jeep; perfect for travelling around the island) to drive over to Naxos town. The town simply oozes charm and is full to the brim of quaint little shops and cute eateries. I could honestly have spent all day exploring all its' nooks and crannies. There was also a lovely selection of cafes/bars next to the harbour where I consumed far too many cold chocolates (my beverage of choice when I'm in Greece, if you ever get the chance to try one please do, they're truly indulgent). As with most Greek towns the walls were all white-washed and the endless labyrinth of cobbled back streets twist and turn like there's no tomorrow, so needless to say we got lost many a time.


On one of our last nights on the island, we headed on over to Naxos Horse Riding Club. As the name suggests, it was a (British-run) horse riding centre, offering treks around the island. As none of the party had any particular amount of experience riding a horse, we were very lucky that the club catered well for all abilities. I was given one of the oldest - and the largest, might I add - horses and Lemar and I became the best of pals during our two hour adventure together. As part of the trek, we rode on a whole load of different terrains: fields, roads and on the beautiful beaches. We even had a brief ride through the sea, which was an incredible experience.

Although the post holiday blues have now well and truly kicked in and I seem to be spending most of my time daydreaming about being back on the island, Naxos was definitely one of the best holidays I've ever been on. The location, food and company couldn't have been better and I really can't wait for our next excursion to Greece, which will - fingers crossed - be in the not so distant future.

Have you been anywhere on your holidays recently?


  1. I really want to go to Greece, your photos show how stunning it is!

    Jessica Mal xx

    1. It really is a beautiful country, I'd definitely recommend going if you ever get the chance x

  2. Your photos are beautiful! I have always wanted to go to Greece and Naxos looks stunning. Glad you had a wonderful time. Xx


  3. Looks like you had a great time!! :)