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As someone with acne-prone skin, I have tried product after product that claims to clear spots. I know different products work best for different people with different skin types, but I am yet to find a spot-treatment that completely floats my boat... that was until Dream Dots entered my life.

Dream Dots are a simple unique overnight treatment for any pesky spots and are specifically designed for overnight use (they recommend 6-10 hours) so they won't cause a disturbance with your every day makeup routine.

I applied the dot to a small forming spot after completing my normal night time routine (it's oh so important to ensure your skin is completely clean and dry before application) and just left the product to work it's magic whilst I got my beauty sleep.

When morning arrived, I removed the dot and was simply amazed at how good a job it had done in so little time. It had pretty much completely removed the colour and the affected area was nowhere near as inflamed as it had been the night before. Although it hadn't completely cleared the spot, it did make the spot much more manageable so it only took a wave of concealer to hide it during the day. After applying a dream dot in the same place for another one or two nights, the ever so pesky spot was a gonner. It didn't even leave a scar of any sorts, which is rather fab.

It does take slightly longer to tackle any 'monster spots' but it does still do the trick if you're prepared to play the waiting game.

Another plus point definitely has to be how discreet the dots are. Once you're applied the dots, they're virtually undetectable, which makes the just perfect for those no-makeup days.

The only downside to the product has to be the price, as they are a little pricy for a spot-treatment. I've found myself getting through a sheet of the dots (6 dots in total) in a few nights, so a pack of 24 doesn't really go very far. But, the results definitely make up for this little issue. 

Overall I'm highly impressed with this product and it's definitely something I know I'll be repurchasing rather a lot. Although they are a little bit pricy, I'd definitely recommend Dream Dots to anyone who is prone to getting a pesky spot or two

Dream Dots cost €14.95/£11.91 for 24 dots or €24.95/£19.64 for 48 dots, and are available at

*Disclaimer: This product was kindly gifted by Dream Dots for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions shared on realityleaveslotstoimagination are always honest and unbiased.


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