A Thought For Monday | Ramblings of a Dreamer

Hello, I'm a dreamer. I spend many an hour daydreaming about the stories and adventures I can make and tell in the years to come. I have this indescribable desire to really seize every opportunity life throws my way in order to make many a magical memory. Because - and I apologise in advance to the modern culture reference you're about to witness - you do only live once.

The dreams and plans I've collated over the years range from mundane little things such as "have a movie marathon" and "have my future told" to rather extravagant possibilities such as "travel from one end of the USA to the other". Yes realistically, achieving some of the bits and pieces on my bucket list may be unlikely but I've always thought, what's the point in dreaming if you don't dream big?

I use dreams as coping mechanism of sorts to help me at times when I'm feeling anxious. Over the past two or three years, I've created many a story in my head that I keep as my little mental place to go if I'm overcome with anxiety. Whenver I get anxious, I just sit down on my own with my headphones in and think about the story. Most of these stories are so unbelievably unrealitic but I've found that the most nonviable stories are the ones that I can really get caught up in, which helps me to relax even more. This concept may make me sound insane but honestly if you ever suffer from anxiety, just try it. It does relax you.

"Reach for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land among the stars."

P.S: The 'A Thought For Monday' posts seem to have been going down a treat, which I'm so pleased about. If you do have any requests for topics you'd like me to cover in these weekly posts, please let me know! x


  1. I'd love you to do maybe a stress or exam stress thought for Monday!

    PS, you're in my all time favourite blogs post! :)

  2. Thank you for the request; I've added it to my list of posts to write x