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I turned seventeen a couple of weeks back and spent my birthday exploring good ol' London town. Whilst in the capital it was only right that I took a trip to the new Lush flagship store on Oxford Street. As a self proclaimed lush addict, not taking a visit would have just been rather impolite on my part don't you think? 

A three storey store is just a Lush lovers paradise and I was overwhelmed with excitement as soon as I stepped (or leaped, if truth be told) through the doors. The new store plays host to a array of new exclusive products (they have over two hundred to their name) whilst still offering all of your usual favourites.

I simply couldn't wait to get my hands on some of the new beauties the gods over at the Lush Kitchen have been busy creating. My basket was soon full to the brim with a selection of their exclusive products (with many a 'normal' one thrown in for good measure). There wasn't a new product in sight that wasn't right up my street so choosing which ones I was going to have to part ways with was something I really rather struggled with.

I did pick up a good selection of some of the more traditional lush beauties as well as some of the new arrivals to the world of lush and I truly can't put into words how excited I am to try them all out.

The Olive Branch Shower Gel

Sugar Scrub
(pictured product purchased from the lush website as I've already used my Oxford Street purchase)

I began my time in the Lush store on the street level which is home to all of the Lush lotions and potions: skincare, haircare, bodycare and make up. I dilly dallied around this floor for rather a long time, making sure I smelt every bottle of shower gel and admired every shampoo bar (even though I do currently have two on the go at home). I'll put my hands up and admit, I did come ever so close to buying one of the huge bottles of the new Comforter Shower Gel. At almost £30 I'm sure my bank balance very much appreciates my friends determination that I wasn't going to make the splurge. I ended up picking up two of my favourite shower products: a teeny tiny bottle of the Olive Branch Shower Gel and the Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub.

Top Row: Guardian Of The Forests Bath Bomb (exclusive product) and Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb
Middle Row: Dragons Egg Bath Bomb, May Day Bath Bomb and Fizzbanger Bath Bomb
Bottom Row: Frozen Bath Bomb (exclusive product), Lava Lamp Bath Bomb (exclusive product) and Intergalactic Bath Bomb (exclusive product)

The new selection of bath bombs was definitely at the top of my list of the exclusive products I wanted to explore. The top floor of the new store is dedicated to bathtime products and everything is as beautifully layed out as ever. With the new bath bombs the Lush team have definitely gone all out with the colour; I seriously can't even imagine the colours they'll reveal in the bath.

Dreamtime Bath Oil (exclusive product)

Happy Thoughts Bath Oil (exclusive product)

Ginger Bath Oil (exclusive product)

Bath Oils are something that Lush have never broken into before now but boy have they done it in style. At only £2 each they are such a steal and they're so dainty and cute that you simply can't not fall in love with them at first glance. The guys and gals over at the Lush Kitchen have also really outdone themselves with the names. With titles ranging from "Monsieur Gustav" to "Razzle Dazzle" and "You've Been Mangoed" to "I Am A Radiant Being" heaven only knows where they came up with them, but as with every single Lush product their names suit them to the T.

Popcorn Lip Scrub

The lip scrubs hold their place up their in my list of favourite Lush products and it's not easy to guess why. Not only do their work wonders, they also taste amazingly. I like to have a few of these little beauties on the go (one in each flavour if truth be told) so there's always one nearby when my lips are in need of a little T.L.C.

Sandstone Soap

Over The Rainbow Soap

Soap is pretty self explanatory. You can never have too much soap; especially when it looks this pretty.

Each Peach Massage Bar

Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar

Although I only picked up two of the massage bars that are readily available in Lush stores nationwide I thought it's only fitting that I pay homage to the incredible massage bar paradise that is located in the basement area of the store (which is also home to the spa and the Gorilla perfume exhibit).  

Fingers crossed at least some of these exclusive products will spread their wings and make appearances at some of the other Lush stores in the country.

Have you visited the new Lush store?


  1. What beautiful pictures! I am so so jealous x

  2. These are ever so cute! Lush is a must visit when it London! At Waterloo train station you can't help but wonder in there due to the smell drawing you in ;) marketing tactic which works!!