Style | Polka Dot Dungarees

Dungarees are definitely having their moment in the spotlight right now and I can really see this 90's throwback continuing into the summer months. Before now I haven't ventured into the world of dungarees in fear of the whole 'six year old with pigtails' look but now I've taken the plunge and I'm totally hooked.

Can you really find anything more versatile than dungarees? Although I chose to walk down the casual path with this particular look - pairing them with some flat shoes and a hat -  to achieve a smarter look all you'd need to do is pop on a snazzy pair of heels and grab a clutch bag, and bobs you're uncle.

I picked up my dungarees from Forever 21. As they seem to be all over the place at the moment I was definitely looking for a more unique pair and it was love at first sight with the black and white polka dot print. As summer is now well and truly on it's way, crop tops have become a staple in my wardrobe. This crop top is a simple black piece from New Look that has a ripped texture to add something special to the look. My shoes are Oxford Lace Up Brogues from Delicious Junction. The burgundy adds a discreet pop of colour to the look. To really finish off the look I'm wearing my H&M bowler hat.

Crop Top: New Look
Dungarees: Forever 21
Hat: H&M
Bag: Primark
Shoes: Delicious Junction

How would you style dungarees?


  1. Love the dungarees, you look great :)

  2. This is so cute! you suit it so so well!! Love the new look of the blog too, I'm trying to sort mine out too right now. Any advice?

    Little Katie
    x x

    1. The main piece of advice I can give in regards to changing up your blog design is work with a blog designer! Look through the portfolios of a range of designers and choose one that you feel will do the best with your blog. Then make sure you talk things through with them and let them know exactly what you're after. Although getting someone to design your blog for you does cost money, it's worth it in the long run x

  3. This outfit suits you so well! The dungareers look amazing!x

    Elizabeth -

    1. They've definitely become a key piece in my wardrobe; I just love them x

  4. I freakin love this outfit Chloe! It suits you so much
    Chloe x