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Not all that long ago - and after lots of deliberation - I had my second lobe piercings done. I know that ear piercings are far from the most exciting things in the piercing world and often people don't actually consider them "piercings" if (like mine) they were done with a piercing gun, but for me this decision was a big deal.  

I know of a fair few people who are considering getting a second piercing so I thought it would be a splendid idea for me to discuss my piercing experience with you to help you make your decision. I am by no means a piercing expert; I only have two lobe piercings in each ear and I don't plan on getting anything else pierced. But hopefully this will work as a bit of a beginners guide to getting a second piercing (or first, if you're yet to join the piercing parade).

I had the piercings done at my local branch of Claire's Accessories and I'd definitely recommend Claires for all you who (like me) are a bit of a piercing newbie. I had got my first lobe piercings done at the same location when I was eight, and the fact that I was already aware of exactly what the whole piercing process was, really put me at ease. My main motivation for choosing Claire's for the piercings - as opposed to a specialised piercing shop - was simply the fact that I wanted it to be guaranteed that it would be done using a gun rather than a needle, as I have a rather huge needle phobia (hence my lack of desire for any more body jewelry).

Overall the actual piercing experience itself was rather good, as having it done was pretty much pain free. Lobe piercings simply feel like a sharp pinch that only lasts for half a second. I chose to have both ears done at the same time (with the assistance of a second sales assistant), simply to speed up the process. Off the top of my head I don't recall which earring I chose from the Claire's earring board but - as you can see in the picture - it's a 3mm silver crystal-like stud. I do believe this cost me between £20 and £25 but there were more and less expensive options if that doesn't work for you. If you fancy taking a peek at the earring options available (and the prices) you can find the list on the Claire's website.

All Claire's piercings come with a free bottle of after care lotion for you to clean your piercings with. If you're after all the facts and figures, you're supposed to tend to your piercings three times a day for six weeks using the instructions provided by the Claire's team. I took this one step further and made the purchase of a bottle of Rapid Lotion for £10, which takes the six week process down to three  weeks.

The healing process of my second piercings has been up and down. My left ear has healed wonderfully and wasn't sore at all, but the same can't really be said for the other piercing. My right ear was rather sore for a fair while following the piercing (we're talking weeks here), and I did fret non-stop about infections and all that jazz but it seems to have finally got itself under control. 

Despite my initial hesitation about getting my second lobe piercings, I'm so pleased I had it done. I'd definitely recommend Claire's for any of you who are slightly more wary about the piercing experience, as they definitely made it a worry-free experience whilst doing a wonderful job.


  1. I haven't worn earrings in my one piercing for ages, but I do love the look of two. Quite a few of my friends have it, and what used to seem like a grungy rebellious thing to do is actually quite classy. I guess I have to train myself to wear earrings first.

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  2. I got my second ear piercing two years ago, just a year after my first. I had mine done at a local beauty shop with a gun. I found the problem of it being slightly sorer than the first time and i couldn't take them out with them healing a bit and me having to push it back through🙈 But they're fine now and i only recently removed my first studs, absolutely disgusting i know but i just forgot to buy some! Anyway, i think it looks rather nice and it adds like bit of an 'edge' without going all out, ahah.

  3. Two piercings on one ear definitely look cool. I really want to get to more piercings but I am still thinking about it.

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