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Okay so the title of this post maybe a teeny tiny lie because it has in fact been a good 4 months since I last tapped away on my keyboard and popped out a blog post. Oh the shame. There was good reason behind my blogging hiatus however as the (not so) wonderful world of A-Levels had to take priority in my life. But now I sit here with the world of education behind me, for now at least, and with a refreshed mind, ready to blog to my hearts content.

Oh boy I've missed this little space of mine, we're well overdue a serious catch up. It really does feel like forever since I just sat myself down and wrote about one of life’s little adventures. The pause in rambles about the shenanigans I've got up to has meant that I have more than a handful of bits and pieces I'm eagerly waiting to share, whether it be new beauty products I've fallen in love with, outfits I've styled or adventures I've been on.

A lot has changed since I last conversed with the Internet. I've entered the big scary world of adulthood by turning eighteen, waved goodbye to education and a rather amazing fella has become a huge part of my life. I also feel like I'm mentally a hell of a lot stronger than I was say sixth months back. Each of these changes have definitely helped to shape the person I am as I enter this new stage of my life. The changes may have been slight but they've been wonderful and have left me feeling ready to take on the world.

Now what is to become of my little portion of the web? I'm aiming to compose and publish a post three times a week - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I've decided to not label each weekday with a type of post, choosing to instead let my mind compose whatever it desires.

So ladies, gents, fairies and unicorns, I hope you're all well and I'm ever so glad to welcome you to Yours, Chloe. If you're a long term reader then hello old friend, I sure have missed you. For those newbies among you, why don't you make yourself a hot drink (I myself are quite partial to a fudge hot chocolate) and delve into the history of my rambles. 

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