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Learning to drive is a bit of a rite of passage in modern society. One of the things that most excites sixteen year olds about blowing out the candles on their next birthday cake is the prospect of getting behind the wheel. I'm happy to admit that I was one of those kids; eager to get on the road as soon as possible and give myself the freedom that driving can bring. However, I'm now eighteen and so far the only thing I've used my provisional license for is buying drinks. Please don't judge me too much.
I'm actually taking a gap year between A Levels and university so I have a good amount of time to get my booty in gear and get on the road. And the sooner the better, mind you, as my reliance on public transport (and the taxi service of mum and dad of course) is limiting the shifts I can take on at work. Getting a bus at 6am doesn't really float my boat, I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear. I'm also eager to travel and explore more of the UK during my year of freedom, something that will be a million times easier if I have a car at my disposal.

But what's stopping me from driving?
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Truth be told, I'm terrified. I'm a victim of the fear of the unknown. Whilst the potential dangers of driving don't really faze me in the grand scheme of things, it's the actual learning side of things that makes me shiver. This may sound strange, I know. I'm scared of being bad at driving when I first start (an evitable, I'm well aware) and embarrassing myself in front of whoever's sitting in the passenger seat, be it an instructor or even a family member. I'm also scared of failing my test, even though that's so far into the future. Every aspect of the process of learning to drive makes me pee my pants a little, if truth be told. If I'm honest I put a lot of this down to my general anxiety and the hold it can have on so many aspects of my life.
One of the ways I'm trying to tackle my anxieties surrounding learning to drive is by being as prepared and reassured mentally as I possibly can, and also by doing a million and one pieces of research on every aspect of the process.

One tool I've been introduced to recently and found ever so helpful is the website Book Learn Pass. They're like a one stop shop, of sorts, for all things learning to drive. The website provides a wonderful tool for finding and booking driving lessons in your local area, tracking down intensive courses (something I've found a great help as that is one of the paths I'm considering) and booking your theory test. They also provide tips galore for all things driving, be it from driving manoeuvers to your theory test; cockpit drills to the highway code. It's all there in easy-to-understand language (no motorhead gobbledygook) and the website is super easy to navigate.

The resource on your first driving lesson is one I've found so valuable in terms of banishing the anxieties surrounding getting behind the wheel for the very first time. I'm the kind of person who likes to know every single tiny detail of what's going to happen before she tries something new, and this page on their website covers all of these details and more. I'd definitely recommend this particular site if, like me, you're a nervous newbie driver and it's definitely something I'm going to be returning to as I move through the learning to drive process.

I'm going to aim to keep this little space updated on my journey into driving so keep your eyes peeled. Also let me know if there's anything particular within the topic that you'd like to read, I'll be more than happy to comply.

Have you learnt to drive yet? Do you have any tips for my fellow newbies?

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  1. I've just started learning and I definitely feel you on the anxiety part. Before my first lesson I was a bag of nerves but the key thing for me is to get on well with your instructor (if needs be, try several), then they'll teach at your pace and you'll be able to comfortably communicate; this will hopefully tackle the fear of being overwhelmed with things to learn :) Saying this, you will sometimes feel like you need 8 arms for all the things you have to do, but you could say that's part of the fun? haha

    Esmé // CloudEsmé

    1. Thank you for your tips. I'm going for a female instructor as I feel that'll help me get on with them better. Have a great weekend x

  2. I've been learning to drive for a while now and failed my practical twice! Don't worry about failing - no matter how far of it may be, yes it's embarrassing but it happens for a reason and that's what you have to remember. Just take the whole process with a pinch of salt, not everyone is a born driver, some of us take a little longer to get on the road and that's absolutely fine. We all have to start somewhere though.

    Kayla |

    1. That's very true. I'm a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason so I'll try and keep that in the back of my head when considering all things driving. Hope you're well x

  3. This was a very interesting read and i have yet to drive too, i think its more of finding the right instructor and having the funds to do it!

    Vicky | Vixella Beauty

  4. I'm 19, have had a couple of tests but each time I have a panic attack during it which ultimately leads to me failing and making the next one harder - my theories about to run out so who knows what'll happen then!

    Cathy |

  5. Im so nervous to start mine!

  6. I'm building myself up to start learning to drive soon as I sort of need to for Uni placements when I start in January. Thing is, I'm not scared of driving, I'm scared of the other drivers on the road. I'm determined to not let my anxiety get in the way of this but well, we'll see haha! x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat