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Definition: A random act of kindness is a non-premeditated, inconsistent action designed to offer kindness towards the outside world.

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Not too long ago I was working a long evening shift when a customer paying for a one off fitness class had her card declined. Now this is a customer who I serve on a fairly regular basis and genuinely enjoy interacting with as she always takes the time to make conversation, rather than just pretty much ignoring my existence behind the desk unless its to speak orders at me (an occurrence I see far too often for my liking). Several repeated attempts also had the same conclusion and it was looking unlikely that she would be able to make the class. I could tell that the situation was leaving her flustered and a tad embarrassed, and this is something I can fully relate to as having your card declined (whatever the reason why may be) is a rather horrible experience. So I simply offered to cover the cost of the single class myself and sent her on her way.
It was truly amazing to see such a simple gesture met with such joy and gratitude, and the experience has really powered my desire to complete further random acts of kindness and spread love wherever possible.  

A simple act on your part, that often takes minimal effort or anything away from your own resources, can truly make another persons day. Whilst encouraging such a thing is of great importance anyway, I feel that in the current climate the world could really do with a little bit more warmth and love spread from person to person; whether friend, neighbour or a complete stranger.
A little act can have a strong lasting impact on a person and their day, week, month or even year. You truly have no idea of the struggles or personal battles each individual may be facing, and a simple gesture from a stranger may really brighten up their day and provide a little hope.
There are endless examples of a random act of kindness that you can easily slot into your daily life. Be it from leaving a kind note in a public space to covering the cost of the coffee for the next person in line; from helping someone struggling with heavy bags to leaving a slightly larger tip for your server; or simply taking the opportunity to give a compliment. Anything that passes on love and kindness.
Kindness is the key to making the world a better place, and I deeply encourage you to play your part.
"If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it" - Lucy Larcom


  1. This was such a lovely post to read, it is so true that the littlest things can make the biggest difference! Good on you!
    Grace xx

  2. This post has honestly made my day knowing that you made someone elses. We need more kindness in this world <3

    Heather xox ||