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"Make peace with your broken pieces"

I focus too much on my mistakes. I sit and regret mistakes I made a week ago; a month ago; a year ago. It's like there's a tiny little goblin inside of my head that reminds me that I should have known better or made better decisions. How could I possibly have stupid enough to do x or to think y is a good idea? How would my life be different if z had happened instead?

But regretting your mistakes won't change the past and it definitely won't improve the future. If you waste your days kicking yourself over one little mistake you made way back when, life is going to pass you by. You might miss incredible opportunities just because you weren't willing to make a fresh start.You'd be much better off getting back up, dusting yourself off and starting again.

Self-forgiveness can be seen as a weakness but I think it's a strength. When it all comes down to it, forgiving yourself for your mistakes is considerably harder than forgiving others for their mistakes.The ability to get rid of any baggage that's preventing you from living the fabulous life you deserve, is something to be damn proud of.

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