Happy Mind | 4 Ways To Help Your Wellbeing Through Autumn

The Autumn/Winter months can be notoriously pants for our mental health and wellbeing. The re-appearance of the long season of dark, cold days can be tough to handle so it's really important you look after yourself and your mental health, at this time of year.

I don't know about you, but the reemergence of the dark and cold days has taken a real toll on my mental health and it's been trickier than normal to keep my mindset positive and healthy. For that reason, I've implemented a handful of things into my life in order to really look after my wellbeing and to help me through the darker months.

1. Look After Your Skin
The cold wind that rears its head again at this time of year can take a real toll on your skin, so it's important to really look after your skin and get into a regimented routine that aims to rehydrate your skin and gives it a bit of TLC. Having a pamper session each evening will not only be something your skin thanks you for, but the quiet 'me time' is something your wellbeing will thank you for too. Give yourself time in the evenings - whilst you complete your skincare routine - to reflect on the day, put behind you any negativity and look ahead to the brand new day which awaits you next morning.

2. Create A Cosy and 'Safe' Indoor Space
The colder months often call for more time spent indoors so it is important to make sure that at home you have a cosy space in which you feel safe and secure. You could give your room a little autumn makeover and dig out the cosy autumnal blankets or drape fairy lights all over the place; anything that creates a space you love.

3. Make Sure You're Drinking Water
Now we're no longer in the warmer months, it's likely that your water consumption has decreased; I know mine has. But staying fully hydrated is so key for both good physical and mental health, so it's important to make an extra effort at this time of year to get your daily dose of H2O. I treated myself to a new 1 litre bottle from Primark and now carry it with me wherever I go, and this has worked wonders on my water intake.

4. Spend Some Time In The Great Outdoors
The colder weather that Autumn brings tends to not make an adventure in nature all that appealing, but bundle up and get yourself out in the open air. I've spoken before on Yours, Chloe about the restorative power of the great outdoors on your mental health and it truly can make all the difference, especially in this rather gloomy season. A long walk can really rejuvenate you, and you also get all of the wonderful benefits of a good bit of exercise. 

How are you looking after yourself this Autumn?
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