Blogmas | My December Bucket List

Tis' the season of all things festive.

Christmas-time is a truly beautiful season but it is a stressful one in which there's lots of hustle and bustle and stress. We need to make sure to really take time to enjoy the holiday and it's festivities or you'll find that in the twinkle of a Christmas light, the season has just rushed on by.

In order to make sure I don't get lost in a sea of wrapping paper and mince pies, I thought it would be a jolly good idea to come up with a festive bucket list of things I want to do in the month ahead.

One: Visit a traditional Christmas market.
Although the dream of visiting a European Christmas market is a little out of reach this year, I'm hoping to enjoy the festive delights of a UK Christmas market or two. Sheffield has a beautiful Christmas market and I can't wait to wrap up warm and enjoy the gorgeous decorations, sweet treats and the gorgeous cinnamon scent. 

Two: Take a drive to look at all of the pretty Christmas lights in my local area.
This has always been one of the highlights of the Christmas period for me. I have so many beautiful memories of Christmas Eve family gatherings at my grandparents house followed by a long drive home, detouring to get a glimpse of houses full to the brim of festive lights.

Three: Write and post Christmas cards.
In this day and age it seems like most people have forgotten what a greetings card even is; it's become more about posting on a Facebook wall or sending a text. But I adore sending and receiving handwritten cards as they really show someone you care, which is so lovely at this time of year especially.

Four: Attend a carol concert. 
When I was a young-un, back in the primary school days, little old me sang every year in a carol service at Peterborough Cathedral as part of my school choir. That experience embedded in me the idea that Christmas isn't complete without a carol concert, so I'm really hoping I can attend one this year.

Five: Visit a handmade Christmas market.
You can't beat buying gifts from small and independent businesses; they're always so special and unique. A handmade market is the best place to pick up these gifts, alongside a cute new decoration or two.

Six: Listen to the Elvis Presley Christmas albums.
I'm a sucker for a good bit of Christmas music, and you'll definitely find it blasting from my headphones all throughout December. My all time favourite festive tunes are the Elvis Presley Christmas albums; a beautiful blend of carols and more modern Christmas hits from the king himself.

Seven: Burn some beautiful Christmas candles.
Yankee Candle, I'm coming for you! I can't wait to have my flat smelling of all things festive.

Eight: Bake some gorgeous festive treats.
I'm far from Mary Berry but I'm really hoping to find the time for a spot of Christmas baking. Maybe 'festive' rice krispie cakes will be as far as I go, but hey that's a start.

Nine: Go for lots of wintery walks.
This will be made even more perfect if we are blessed with snow this year, but regardless I absolutely adore bundling up warm and going for a long walk at this time of year.

Ten: Craft some of my own decorations for the tree.
Christmas is my favourite time to get my craft on. My inner magpie comes out at this time of year; a little bit of festive sparkle never hurt anyone. 

Eleven: Have a Christmas movie marathon
You can't beat a good Christmas movie or TV special. Love Actually is one of my favourite festive films and I can't wait to enjoy cosy evenings in with a hot drink and a burning fire.

Twelve: Try lots of festive hot drinks in my local coffee shops.
It's not Christmas without a festive hot chocolate or two is it? I'm a sucker for anything chocolate orange, so here's hoping that'll make an appearance on the Costa Christmas menu this year.

Thirteen: Purchase some festive PJs all ready for Christmas Eve.
My sister and I have a tradition of wearing matching PJ's on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, and that tradition continues, even now we're all grown up. 

What are you hoping to do this December to get yourself in the festive spirit?


  1. This post really made me feel festive! Just been putting up the Christmas decorations in my bedroom – and will going to my local village to watch the chirstmas lights get switched on this evening. Already feeling Christmassy :)

  2. Love this! It's fun to see people's plans for December.
    I'm having a very handmade blogmas, so you may find some crafty decorating ideas if you come and visit!
    Can't wait to see more of your blogmas posts!

  3. Fellow Sheffielder here (albeit only for 4 years so far, but I fully plan to stay) ! I've heard Abbeydale Rise goes all out with decorations! I've not been there myself but people have said it's always amazing.