How To Make The Most Out Of Everyday

We as a society live for the weekend. You can't scroll through any social media without seeing at least one plea for Friday to come quicker; or "Fri-yay" if you prefer the social media penned name. But in all reality, does living for the weekend really make sense? After all, you spend you life waiting for these two precious days, just for them to go by in the blink of an eye.

It's important that we learn to slow down and view every single day as a gift, and a pretty fantastic one at that. We need to start making sure each and every day fulfills it's potential, and this is how you can do that.

Think Positive About The Day Ahead.
(Now, I'm going to use the joyful day that is Monday for this point but should there be a day of the week you have an even deeper hatred for, feel free to drop it in there.)
Admit it, the word Monday makes your groan internally. The feeling of dread bubbles up inside of you whilst you consider "I wonder what crap I'm going to have to deal with today?". But have you ever considered that it may not be Monday's fault and the fault of the pants day lies with your negative mindset? Look at me getting all philosophical on you. Try waking up with a positive mindset; one of those "today is going to rock and I'm going to kick ass" mindsets, it will make your day 100 times better.

Do (At Least) One Thing You Love Each Day
We all have at least one past time that has the power to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Be it reading, cooking, crafting, photography, exercise, or anything else that tickles your pickle. Try and dedicate at least a little bit of time each day to spend doing one of your hobbies. With the hustle and bustle of life it's easy to feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day for you to be able to set time aside for hobbies, but it's important to nurture the things that make you feel happy.

Don't Just Make Plans For The Weekend.
We all do it, we all focus on the weekend first when making plans with friends or family. And whilst that can be an absolutely splendid way to spend your weekend, give a little love and attention to your weekdays too. I know the weekdays don't really allow for as much free time as the end of the week does, but you should still be able to squeeze in time to see your family or to have drinks with the girls.

Stay Well Rested.
It's impossible to have a good productive day if you're stuck in a sleep-deprived daze. Try to go to bed at a good time every night, after spending an hour or two winding down and getting yourself ready for the land of nod. Having a good nights sleep will in turn make getting up in the morning 100 times easier and you'll be more ready to take on the day.

Why are we spending our life wishing away days? Let's stop living for the weekends; lets live for everyday.

How do you make the most of everyday?
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  1. This year I'm striving to owning a more positive mindset. Sometimes I roll out of bed and my mind automatically turns to all the dreaded tasks of the day ahead. However, lately I've started my mornings with some yoga so clear my mind and be ready for the day. Doing one thing I love each day is so important too! It's what keep me motivated, loved this!

    Evie x |

  2. Something my dad has always tried to instill me is that I don't live for the weekend: he's encouraged me to make the most of every single day, so I totally love and agree with this post! I am so for doing something you love everyday--for me, that's reading, and especially as it's become so hard for me to do frequently, what with uni and all, I've been making it a priority of mine, & I'm so happy about it! xx