20 Spring Self Care Ideas

Well here are, reunited with my good friend Spring. I love the spring months and all they bring; they are a welcome sight after the dark months of winter.

The beginning of a new season is the perfect time to change up your self care routine. This is especially the case with Spring, as it is a season which embodies the ideas of new beginnings and growth. If you're not clued up with what I mean by self care, it is simply the things you do as part of your lifestyle to maintain and improve your mental health and wellbeing; the ways you take care of yourself.

Here are twenty ideas for self care practices you can add to your routine in Spring:

1. Create a playlist of upbeat music to motivate you through the season.

2. Take yourself out for a walk in nature. You could take photos of some of the beautiful spring flowers or just use the walk as a chance to think deeply.

3. Change your bed sheets for something clean, light and spring-themed. I'm a sucker for a good floral duvet cover!

4. Make a fresh fruit smoothie or juice.

5. Book in a yoga session.

6. Write a gratitude list. The regular practise of gratitude can foster positivity in your life. I share my weekly Wednesday gratitude lists on my instagram (yourschloex) if you fancy a peek.

7. Sit outside and do some mindfulness colouring.

8. Give your home a little spring clean. A clean space is a clean mind.

9. Unplug and have a digital detox day.

10. Buy yourself some flowers or a new plant to brighten up your living space.

11. Cook a nourishing meal from scratch.

12. Do something creative. Craft projects can work wonderfully at calming the mind.

13. Wake up early and let yourself have a slow morning.

14. Drink lots of water. It's a simplistic practise but an important one.

15. Diffuse some essential oils. Lavender and citrus aromas such as lemon and grapefruit are perfect for the spring months.

16. Listen to a new self-development or wellness podcast. I shared five of my current favourites in a post back in November, you can read it here.

17. Create a vision board.

18. Read a book, be it an old favourite or something from your to-read list. I love a good romance novel in the spring months.

19. Sit outside for a while, listen to the birdsong and practise some deep breathing. 

20. Open up your windows and air out your home.

Let Spring be the month you truly look after yourself and let yourself bloom.

How do you practise self care in the spring months?

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