101 in 1001

Start date: 2nd November 2015
End date: 30th July 2018

In Progress
1. Go on a road trip around the UK
2. Visit Disneyland
3. See the Sun rise over Stonehenge
4. See more of Europe
5. Visit the Anne Frank House, Amsterdam
6. Travel first class
7. See the Northern Lights
8. Take my sister away for the weekend
9. Go glamping
10. Visit Paris
11. See Giant's Causeway
12. Stay in the Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool (again)
13.Visit Italy
14. Go on a mother-daughter trip
15. See more of the UK
16. Go on a spontaneous trip
17. Visit a Christmas market abroad
18. Stay in Portmeirion (again)
19. Visit Madam Tussauds
20. Visit the Lavender Fields, Banstead, England

Events and Attractions
21. Go to a drive-in movie
22. Attend a fashion show
23.Go to Clothes Show Live
24. Watch a movie at the hot tub cinema
25. Attend a music festival
26. Throw/attend a surprise party 19/8/17
27. Go to IMATS
28. Watch five new-to-me musicals in the West End
29. Attend the filming of a TV show 5/4/16
30. See a Comedy show 13-1-17
31. Visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour
32. Have Afternoon Tea  28/3/16  *Blog Post Link*
33. Attend a murder mystery dinner
34. Watch Les Miserables in the West End
35. Attend a blogging event
36. Ride the London Cable Cars  8-10-16
37. Attend a food festival
38. See the British Firework Championships in Plymouth
39. Attend the first screening of a new film
40. Throw a dinner party
41. Attend a film festival
42. Go to the cinema on my own
43. See a traditional Christmas pantomime
44. Go on the Jack The Ripper Walking Tour, London
45. Have a spa day
46. Read 100 books (2/100)
47. Learn to cook a signature dish
48. Begin to learn a new language
49. Complete 10 DIY projects (Pinterest sourced; most likely) (1/10)
50. Watch 100 new films (2/100)
51. Take a cocktail making class
52. Start dancing again
53. Put together a scrapbook
54. Refurbish a Car Boot Sale find
55. Learn basic sign language
56. Join Postcrossing and collect postcards
57. Start a recipe notebook
Health, Beauty and Fitness
58. Join a gym December 2015
59. Take the Couch to 5k challenge
60. Try Zumba
61. Take part in the Moonwalk in London
62. Start (and regularly practise) yoga
63. Try pole fitness
64. Take part in the Colour Run
65. Take vitamins religiously
66. Complete a Juice Cleanse
67. Try a Barre Class
68. Be able to do the splits
69. Do the Race for Life
70. Get a massage June 2017
71. Drink 2 litres of water a day for a month
72. Sign up to the organ donor register January 2016
73. Go hiking
74. Experience a floatation tank
Education and Work
75. Pass my A Levels *Blog Post Coming Soon*
76. Get into University *Blog Post Coming Soon*
77. Volunteer for a cause I'm passionate about
78. Work at a Summer Camp
79. Complete a first aid course 18-10-16
80. Take 10 classes/workshops to learn new skills
81. Create the perfect workspace/desk
82. Reach 1000 blog followers
83. Learn to drive
84. Have professional photos taken
85. Send more handwritten notes and cards
86. Ride a Segway
87. Write a letter to my future self
88. Ride a Quad Bike
89. Go Zorbing
 90. Adopt an endangered animal
91. Wake up early to watch the sunrise
92. Complete a Wreck This Journal
93. Ride in a hot air balloon
94. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
95. Go indoor rock-climbing
96. Buy a lottery ticket
97. Order room service February 2017
98. Leave an inspirational message in a public place
99. Learn self defence
100. Put a secret in a balloon and let it fly away

101. Do something I'm afraid of

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