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Sorry i haven't posted anything in the last month! I've been so caught up in some stuff that has been going on that blogging had to take a back seat. But now i'm back!

My mum and dad are having a 25th wedding anniversary party at the end of april which is a great opportunity for me to get dressed up! I'm going shopping with my mum at some point to try on lots of lovely dresses but i've been roaming the internet for inspiration.

Here's some of my favourite formal dresses from high street shops! They're perfect for weddings, formal parties and even prom ~

Miss Selfridge
Sequin Strapless Dress
This is such a beautiful dress! It comes in the colour "nude" which looks stunning and it comes in sizes 4-16. I think it will suit most body shapes, which is brilliant. I'll definitely be looking at possibly buying this dress i love it so much!
**PU Bust Dress by Rare
PU Bust Dress By Rare
This is one of my most favourite dresses Topshop has ever done! It's so simple and the colour of the skirt is lovely! This is another dress idea for the party as i have really long legs which i think will work well with this dress.
New Look
Cameo Rose Cream Lace Skater Dress
This is such a beautiful vintage style lace dress and it's so cheap! And also you could probably get away with wearing this during the day as well as at formal events.
Image 1 of ASOS Lace Shirt Dress With Peterpan Collar
ASOS Lace Shirt Dress with Peterpan Collar
I have a little bit of an obsession with peter pan collars so i really love this dress! The lace on the top section of the dress contrasts so well with the rest of the dress and the collar, and looks lovely.
So they were just a few of my favourite highstreet store formal dresses! I'll make sure i do an outfit of the day for the night of the party so you can see what dress i end up choosing as well as how i do my hair and my make up.
Which of these dresses are your favourites? Comment and tell me!
Lots of Love
Chloe xxx
P.S: I hope you all have a lovely easter!x

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