Maybelline Forever Strong Nail ~ Mint For Life

At the weekend I took a little trip into town to buy a few bits and bobs and I may have 'accidently' ended up in Superdrug! Of course it would have been really rude of me to leave without buying anything so I picked up the Maybelline Forever Strong Nail Polish in the shade Mint For Life.
I absolutely love the colour mint and I've been wanting a good mint nail polish for a while so when i spotted this on the Maybelline stand i couldn't not buy it!
The colour is very similar to the Essie Mint Candy Apple polish but it's almost half the price!
I found this polish amazing! You only need two coats to get a perfect colour - although to be completely honest you could get away with using only one coat if you were in a rush! The polish is really easy to apply and the colour is beautiful! It lasts for around 7 days with a good top coat, just like Maybelline claims it does, or around 3/4 without a top coat.
The only issue I've had with this polish is that no matter how much you do to prevent it, it bubbles. However i did find this reasonably unnoticeable when it all comes down to it!
Maybelline Forever Strong Nail Mint for Life
I'll rate this product 4* and i'll definitely be using it again!
Have you used this polish before? What did you think?
Lots of Love
Chloe xxx
P.S: I haven't been able to take any photos as my camera has been playing up so i hope the ones i found online are okay!


  1. The colour looks super nice!

  2. The colour is GORGEOUS. Perfect for summer and I hope it does last a long time...i might have to pick this up now hehe;)

    1. it's stunning isn't it! I applied the polish about a week an a half ago without a top coat because I'd forgotten to take one with me, and it's lasted all that time! I have had to do a few touch ups now and again but that's only been when I'd caught my nail on something! x