100 Things That Make Me Happy

Positivity isn't something that really comes natural to me, although I do try to be as positive as I can. I like to always have something to remind me of the good things in life, whether it be photos, souvenirs or something else to remind me of the good memories, so I've decided to create a 100 things that make me happy' list.
100 Things That Make Me Happy
Crying from laughing too hard
Long hugs
Conversations with him
Planning what I want to do in the future
Night time flights
Old TV shows
The thoughts room 
Days just spent blogging
People who can make you smile no matter how bad you’re feeling
Long car journeys
Listening to music in the dark
Sleeping in my own bed after I’ve been away
Walks in the snow
Roast Dinners
Staying in hotels
Weekends away
Books that you can read over and over and never get bored of
Being smiled at
When people call me Chlo
Standing in the rain
Train journeys
Mr Whippy ice cream cones from ice cream vans
People who know exactly how to make you feel better
New Pyjamas
The ‘Real Life’ stories in magazines
Looking through old photo albums
Sleeping in on weekends
Spending time with people you feel 100% comfortable around
The last day of school
Unpacking in a hotel room
Baggy t-shirts
Watching the sun set
Being home alone
Lush products
Secondhand shops
Road trips
The sound of rain hitting the window
Lonely walks
Buttery Toast
Having my hair played with
Bubble baths
Singing to the radio
Knowing things other people don’t
Cosy blankets
The scent of soap and glory products
Thin crust pizza
Waking up after a good nights sleep
Hand written letters
Boys with blue eyes
Millie’s cookies
Freshly painted nails
The smell of freshly cut grass
Heart to heart conversations with people you trust
Finishing a good book.
Opening up to someone.
Mango smoothies
Reading old messages
Walking bare foot in the grass.
Family events at Christmas
Fortune cookie messages
Hot chocolate on a cold day
Seeing old friends
Walks on the beach
The smell of freshly washed sheets
Cute babies
Waking up knowing you don’t have to get up
Having a tidy room
Amazing finds in clothes shop sale
Nice dreams
The sound of an ice cream van
Pamper evenings
Getting into bed after a long day
Swimming in the sea
The sound of the sea
Dancing around my room to my favourite song
Floral prints
Makeup that looks perfect
Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food
Long hot showers
Watching YouTube videos
Comfy clothes
Good hair days
When the shuffle setting on my iPod reads my mind and plays something that fits my current mood.
Visiting new places
Good finds on ebay
What would you put on your list?
Lots of Love
Chloe xxx
I must say this when I wake up.


  1. I relate to so many things off the list, love Starbucks and Soap & Glory scents and many more! :) xx


  2. I love this List, I can relate to some of them

    Thank you for the comment on my blog, I just followed you, follow back?


  3. I love the idea of that post ! So positive :)


  4. Love this! Such a brilliant idea. I can relate to a lot of these, especially hot chocolate on a cold day, there really is nothing better! Xx