All I Hope To Do In Lists

I love making lists. I could honestly spend my whole live simply making lists. I make To Do lists, To Buy lists, To Remember lists; if there's a reason to make a list I do it. I find having lists helps me to keep my mind clear my head of worries and it makes sure I complete every task I need to do, which makes life so much simpler.
I recently came across this beauty of a book online and I thought I'd share it with you because it just makes me so happy. "My Future Listography" is an amazing addition to the much loved Listography series. If you're not familiar with the series, it's a collection of books for you to create lists about various aspects of life. They include Love, Music, Friends, Films and Future (which is the one I have).
Let's get this straight from the start, in know way have I been asked by the company to write this post, and I am not gaining any money or anything from it. This is just me, sharing one of the things I'm loving at the moment, for your enjoyment (I hope).
This book lets you make around 150 lists on a range of different topics to do with the future, which range from normal things like the cities you want to visit and things you want to do for future birthdays, to the more out there wacky topics like events you want to time travel to. Part of why I love this series so much is each of the lists have the cutest little drawings next to them of examples of what to put in the list. Some of them are just so adorable I'm actually tempted to photocopy them and stick them up in my room... if that's not weird.



I haven't managed to fill many of the pages yet as I'm putting lots of thought and effort into the lists. I'm trying to use this properly and add things i actually want to do/see/achieve rather than just writing stuff down for the hell of it.
I have to say I have fallen in love with the listography books and i can really see myself purchasing a few more of these beauties very very soon. I'd really recommend these books to any fellow organisation freak and If you want to get yourself a copy of one of them, the cheapest way of getting them is from Amazon - if you just search listography, you'll find them all.
Lots of Love
Chloe xxx

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  1. I LOVE THESE LISTOGRAPHY BOOKS OMG, I have the music one, 'my amazing life in lists', and another one which I can't remember the title of, they are seriously the cutest thing :)