Urban Outfitters Jewellery Haul

(photo credit: Lauryn's Notebook)

I have a major weakness when it comes to urban outfitters, especially their jewellery. Although it's a tad on the pricy side, all their pieces are just so gorgeous I can't resist them.

When I was in London a few weeks back for the #SE Bloggers Meet Up, we all popped into Urban Outfitters to have a nosey around and I came across a rather huge jewellery sale. I'm sure you can imagine my excitement.

Now I'm one to typically goes a bit over the top when it comes to buying jewellery. Every time I step into a shop, my inner magpie is unleashed and I just go crazy picking out more earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings than I probably need, and this trip to Urban Outfitters was definitely no exception.

Can we just pause for a minute and admire how cute this little bag is? It's like a vintage sweet shop bag; how lovely.

Firstly, I picked up this lovely dainty heart necklace with my initial on it. Can I just say: well done Urban Outfitters, you are one of the first shops to actually stock jewellery with a C on it. It's normally a complete nightmare to find anything with my initial on it. This necklace was £5.00 reduced from £10.00.

Next, we have this lovely matching bracelet, again, with my initial on. It was £3.00 reduced from £6.00.

Now, it's the turn of this intricate bracelet with a tiny little charm (I believe it may be an evil eye charm but don't hold me to that). The chain is interwoven with tiny pieces of thread, which looks so so pretty. Again, this was £3.00 reduced from £6.00.

Next up, we have this cute little bracelet with a tiny gemstone on it. It was a complete bargain at £3.00 reduced from £6.00.

Finally, we have these lovely vintage style earrings. These have definitely become my new favourite earrings, and I've been wearing them non-stop since I got them. Again, they were £3.00 reduced from £6.00

What's your favourite place to buy jewellery?


  1. I love it ALL! Everything's so beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I was so lucky with what I managed to find x

  2. These are so pretty! Love the last pair of earrings especially! :)

    1. The earrings are beautiful aren't they? x

  3. I absolutely love all of the jewellery in UO, have you seen the watches with world maps in?:o I love them :)

    Alice x

    1. I did spot them when I visited the store and I had a good old nosey at them with a couple of the bloggers I was with. They look so lovely x