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The first thing I think of when the word January is uttered is sales. I thought I'd take the opportunity to splash out on myself a little bit at a time where my purse will take less of a hit but I'll still get my hands on lots of lovely goodies. Sleek was the first stop on my online shopping spree and I was lucky enough to nab many a wonderful bargain.

I must admit, I initially only clicked onto the Sleek website with the intention of treating myself to the "Sunset" palette but, as soon as my eyes clapped onto the incredible offers they had on, a couple of other items just fell into my basket with it. Each of the little beauties I purchased have been holding places on my mental beauty wish list for a fair while now so I though it was about time that I added them to my collection. And what better time than when they're in the sale?

Where better to start than with the products that Sleek are arguably most famous for: their palettes. I was rather delighted to see that some of the eyeshadow palettes were available for half their recommended retail price, pricing them at a mere £4.00. Although I could have quite easily splashed out and brought all of the palettes available on this offer, I managed to display a bit of will power and only added the beautiful "Garden of Eden" palette to my basket. This palette has the colours of mother nature at is very heart, featuring a pleasant array of earthy greens and browns alongside dusky purples. Although I'm yet to swatch any of the shades (breaking into a new palette is one of my least favourite things about makeup; I'd simply love to preserve the beauty of a fresh palette) I can already tell that they're going to be wonderfully pigmented and incredibly versatile colours.

The Sleek "Garden of Eden" Palette retails at £7.99.

As I previously mentioned, I started my Sleek splurge with the plan of purchasing the "Sunset" palette, so of course I couldn't possibly complete the transaction without that particular product in my basket. I was ever so excited to return home from a weekend away to find this particular product on my doormat; I'm sure it'll be put to great use and I'll make sure to give it a review on my little slice of the internet, don't you stress your pretty little head. The shades within this palette are all inspired by the sun, sea and sand meaning that its full to the brim of rich shimmering golds, reds and blues. Although the theme of this palette may inspire thoughts of the summer months, each of the shades are so versatile they can be used at any point throughout the calendar. I'm particularly in love with the shade "Horizon" (which is placed second in from the left on the top row), it's so beautiful and just perfect for this time of year.

The Sleek "Sunset" Palette retails at £7.99 and can be purchased online here.

I'm a massive lover of all brow-products currently so I simply couldn't resist making an eyebrow related purchase. Something that immediately caught my eye was the Eye Brow Perfector, a brow gel that aims to give your brows wonderful definition whilst taming any strays. As I'm rather loyal to my Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil, I was simply craving a brow-taming gel as opposed to something pigmented so I decided to go for the clear shade although they do offer both light and dark brown shades if that pickles your pepper a bit more.

 The Sleek Eye Brow Perfector retails at £4.99 and can be purchased online here.

Another sale product that caught my eye was their blushers. I'm currently in the process of expanding my blusher collection so simply couldn't resist nabbing one up whilst they were half price. I chose the shade "Suede" as it was one of the more neutral shades available, something I definitely like in a blush product. From the swatches I've done it appears to be very pigmented so I'm rather excited to start trying it out.

The Sleek Blush in "Suede" retails at £4.99 and can be purchased online here.

On to the lip products; one of the elements of my order that I was most excited for. One of the first products I picked up was a Pout Polish in the shade "Bare Minimum", inspired by my desire to find the perfect natural lip for those more bare faced days. This isn't my first pout polish so I'm very excited to have yet another conditioning balm that provides a slight tint. Each of these balms are also formulated with SPF 15 and natural oils such as almond oil, shea butter and Vitamin E, meaning that they work wonders for your lips whilst leaving them looking lovely. As this was another beauty marked with the Sale label I managed to get my hands on it for £2.24, a complete and utter bargain if I do say so myself.
The Sleek Pout Polish Lip Balm in "Bare Minimum" retails at £4.49

I also managed to nab a lipstick or two (or five if truth be told) for a mere £2.50 each whilst I was at it. Although it was ever so hard to choose between all of the wonderful shades they had on offer, I ended up added two sheen shades and three matte shades to my collection. As with all Sleek lipsticks they all seem highly pigmented and conditioning and I'm ever so excited to try them out. Continuing my quest for a nude lip, I nabbed up the matte shade "Bare All" alongside the sheen shades "Liqueur" and "Succumb". Each and every one of these shades is wonderfully beautiful and are going make great additions to my ever-growing collection. I also chose the matte shade "Russian Roulette", a truly stunning colour that will create the most perfect red lip, and the darker matte shade "Dare", a colour that is just perfect for this time of year.  

The Sleek True Colour Lipstick in "Bare All" retails at £4.99 and can be purchased online here.

The Sleek True Colour Lipstick in "Liqueur" retails at £4.99 and can be purchased online here.

The Sleek True Colour Lipstick in "Succumb" retails at £4.99 and can be purchased online here.

The Sleek True Colour Lipstick in "Russian Roulette" retails at £4.99 and can be purchased online here.

The Sleek True Colour Lipstick in "Dare" retails at £4.99 and can be purchased online here.

If any of these products has particularly caught your eye and you'd like to see a review or two, give me a bell and I'll add it to my ever-growing to-write list.

Have you made any Sleek purchases lately?


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the Sleek lipsticks! They're great aren't they? :)
    E x

    1. Oh I agree, they're definitely up there in the best quality drugstore lipsticks x

  2. I love the look of the garden of eden palette! I'm a big fan of sleek!

    Katie xo |

    1. It's very quickly become one of my favourite palettes, I'd definitely recommend it x

  3. I haven't tried any of the sleek lipsticks but that 'Bare All' shade looks right up my street I definitely need to find that next time I'm out shopping! Also the shades in that sunset palette are gorgeous!

    Jess //