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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.
Last week I went on my second UK travel adventure of the month when my two best buds and I went on a little road trip over to the seaside town of Sheringham in Norfolk for the day. Norfolk is another land not too far away from my neck of the woods and we had a jolly good day exploring just a small portion of the beauty it has to offer.
Whilst there, we of course dined on the quintessential British seaside delicacy of fish and chips - or sausage and chips in my case - whilst lounging on the sea front and watching others brave the cold of the sea. An ice cream each was also enjoyed, from a parlor that offered more flavors than I'd ever be able to name. I was however too infatuated with the chocolatey creamy deliciousness I had served to me to snap a photo.
One of the loveliest things about Sheringham is the fact that there's lots of cute little shops to have a good mooch around in on the occasion that the weather's unkind. If I'm honest most of them (like any seaside town) sell the same products that are best described as over-priced Sass & Belle pieces so I kept my purse in my bag and just did a bit of window shopping.
To close the day we hopped back on in the car and popped over to Cromer. We had aspired to be mature and enjoy the likes of the pier and the rest of the seaside culture but truth be told we spend a good hour in the amusement arcade playing around on the 2p machines and performing ever so well in Deal or No Deal and Monopoly. It wasn't wasted though as we amassed enough tickets to walk away with adults colouring books and moams for all three of us. If that's not a day well spent then I don't know what is.
Norfolk is far from the beautiful Mediterranean beach settings it seems like most of the blogging world have been sharing over the past month or so, but it sure does make a good alternative if you're not jetting of anywhere fancy on your holibobs this year but still want to enjoy some sea air.
Have you got a love for a UK seaside town?

'See more of the UK' is part of my 101 in 1001. You can see what else I'm hoping to achieve here.

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