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Daily hydration is the best friend of your complexion. Whilst, of course, guaranteeing we get our eight to ten glasses of water each and every day is crucial, it's also essential that we pay extra special attention to the hydration our skin is getting through other means. There are countless products on the skincare counters focusing on rehydrating the skin from the outside but what about hydration from the inside? Enter the Coconut Quench supplements from Regime London.

Each capsule is packed with a refreshing blend of fresh coconut water (around 4000mg) and hyaluronic acid (240mg). They claim to "achieve a deeper level of skin hydration" across both the face and the rest of your body within three weeks of daily consumption. On a side note, they're also suitable for all you vegetarians out there.

Truth be told the capsules aren't the teeniest in the history of the world, they can't be when you consider how much is packed into them. But they still go down ever so easily with a glass of water so don't you stress. They're easy to slip into your daily routine; just take a single capsule each day with a lovely glass of water. Unlike some supplements they're not too fussy on when during your day you take your supplement so I chose early-evening, around the time of my evening meal.

I'd also like to mention the beautiful packaging. Whilst of course not a factor of much importance in the grand scheme of things, its simple white and gold colour scheme has a real luxurious feel to it. The kind of box you want to display on your dressing table rather than hide away in a cupboard.

Let's chat results shall we? The biggest improvement I found was around my eyes, with particular focus on my under eye circles which are nowhere near as dark and visible; despite no change in my sleeping patterns. In general though my skin feels softer to touch and a lot more plump and full of life. It also appears clearer and smoother. What more can a girl ask for?

One of the features of the supplements that immediately caught my eye was its claim in regards to making makeup easier to apply. How could a girl resist that? A little more digging revealed that the hyaluronic acid works its magic targeting some of the damage cosmetics can cause your skin
 and that in turn better prepares the skin for the days makeup. I'm delighted to note that I did indeed find this to be the case. After a week or so of taking the supplements my makeup began applying to a much smoother finish and lasted longer throughout the day without touch-ups. There's no need for fancy primers or setting sprays for all-day beautiful makeup, just up your skins hydration.

Overall I'm really rather impressed with these little beauties. Never before have I expressed much of an interest in supplements - truth be told I saw them as more for the older lady than an eighteen year old - but I may just have to keep letting my skin enjoy these ones. I'd encourage trying to drink as much water as possible alongside the supplements as I've found that it both heightens the results and of course further hydrates the skin.  And besides, this kind of thing should never be a replacement for good ol' H20, it just gives it a little bit of a helping hand; and a very good one at that.

The Regime London Coconut Quench Supplements are available online from Superdrug here with a RRP of £19.99.

Plus, if coconut water doesn't tickle your pickle they also offer Deluxe Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Dermal Grandeur, so take your pick!

*Disclaimer: This product was kindly gifted by AOB PR on behalf of Regime London, for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions shared on Yours, Chloe x are always honest and unbiased regardless of whether or not the product has been gifted to me. For further details please refer to my full disclaimer.

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