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It's been a little while since I tried and tested a new treat from the gods and goddesses at Lush HQ, I'm practically having withdrawal symptoms. But today I wanted to share with you an old favourite of mine: meet the Dreamtime Bath Oil, a sleep-inducing bath time beauty.
At the heart of this concoction are lavender oil and chamomile oil; the dream team for ultimate relaxation. This combination will also ease the aches and pains of the day, perfect after a days work.The other key element of Dreamtime is shea butter, to moisturise your skin to perfection whilst you enjoy a completely blissful bathing experience.
 Even though this product (like its bath oil siblings) appears teeny tiny, you only need to pop a single one in a warm bath to create the perfect pre-sleep treat. When it is left to float, oodles of purple Lush goodness bleed from the product creating puddles on the surface. Swish the water around a tad and you'll have a purple-tinted bath of herbal beauty.
Although I was a tad skeptical about bath oils - being the bath bomb fan girl that I am - Dreamtime got me well and truly hooked and I'm working my way through the range. The bath oils are a lot more affordable than some of the other lush bath products, in my opinion, which will guarantee that even those of us who have tighter purse strings can enjoy a Lush bathing session.  
'Dreamtime' retails at £2.00 for a 20g product.
It is available online at here.

Do you have a go-to bath product to induce a good nights sleep? 

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