Thoughts | 50 Things That Make My Soul Happy

1. Long and meaningful chats
2. Feeling confident
3. Receiving post
4. Staying in hotels
5. A book I can't put down
6. Finding a dress which fits perfectly
7. Matching underwear
8. Milkshakes
9. Pinterest boards (have a nosey at mine here)
10. Laughing so hard it hurts

11. Cocktails
12. A good cuddle (bonus points if it's with a puppy or a baby)
13. Car Boot Sales
14. Date Night
15. Receiving a lovely comment or two on a blog post
16. The run up to christmas
17. Lazy days
18. Freddos - the price however has the opposite effect.
19. Spontaneous messages from loved ones
20. Stationary

21. Taking photos
22. A "good makeup" day
23. Catching up with old friends
24. A good Rom Com
25. Cooked breakfasts
26. A hot bubble bath
27. Wicked
28. Skype
29. Not having to set an alarm
30. Musical Theatre sing-a-longs

31. Pyjamas
32. Looking through old photos
33. The Beatles
34. Fairy lights
35. Takeaway and movie nights
36. Payday
37. Manicures
38. Trying out new Lush products
39. Receiving a compliment
40. Harry Potter

41. Taking makeup off
42. Planning things
43. Fresh sheets
44. Giving presents
45. The run up to Christmas
46. Roast dinners
47. Lie-ins
48. Late night talks
49. Having spare money at the end of the month
50. Scented candles

What makes you happy? Can you relate to any of these points?


  1. Lovely post, I think all of these points make my soul happy too x

  2. Nice sharing, your tips are pretty, thank you!