Lifestyle | Good Night, Sleep Tight

Getting a good nights sleep is something I seem to be struggling with at the moment; I tend to struggle to switch off so my sleep pattern is all over the place. This seems to be a common problem amongst most ladies and gents at this time of the year so I thought I'd put together a mini guide to getting enough beauty sleep.

My number one tip has to be stick to a routine. You can program your body to sleep much better by following a bedtime ritual that works well for you. Aim to go to bed at the same time everyday so you get roughly the same amount of sleep. I try to aim for at least eight or nine hours every night but you can always overcompensate when the weekends arrive to make up the hours.

Having a tech-free evening also helps to clear you mind. Call some time out from technology for at least an hour before bed time and get your nose into a book instead. I know staying away from social media is something us bloggers can struggle with so try apps such as HootSuite and schedule tweets, or whatever kind of post tickles your peach, to go up when you're in the land of nod.

A lovely warm bath before bed always works wonders in helping me to wind down. Just hop in and let the days worries float away. Having a clear mind before bed will ensure that you get a lovely nights sleep. I recommend using products such as the Lush "Ickle Baby Bot" Bath Bomb to add to the relaxation.

The use of essential oils can purify the air in your bedroom and have a lovely overall relaxing effect. Pick up a tiny bottle of lavender oil (Boots sells them, as does the likes of Holland and Barrett) and pop some on your pillow just before you go to sleep to help you to relax and de-stress.

Product-wise I'm not too wised up on all of the lotions and potions that claim to aid sleep but I can recommend the Seascape Soothe Sleep Oil to induce relaxation. You simply apply a small amount of the product to your temples, pulse points and under your nose using a roller ball application and the gentle fragrance will help you drift off into a snoozy bliss. Another firm favourite of mine (and the rest of the world it seems) is the Lush "Sleepy" Body Lotion. I apply this on my arms and chest every night as the scent really helps me to drift off into a good nights sleep.

Adding a couple of these steps to your bedtime routine can make a world of difference to the quality of you sleep, and I really hope they work as well for you as they have for me.

Is there anything you do of an evening to help you drift of?


  1. Hi, I struggle at this time of year as well. I need to stop with the technology and get into a good routine.

  2. Lovely post! I've been struggling to get to sleep too and agree with no social media before bed (though sometimes I can't help myself!) but something I've been trying and really enjoying is Bedtime yoga! So much fun and getting me to sleep easy. x

  3. I totally agree that minimal technology and a good old bath is the best pre-sleep routine! I also use a facial oil with lavender in that isn't too strong and that usually sends me right off :) love these tips!
    Alice Xx

  4. I really struggle to get a good night's sleep in the Summer months as it's always too hot to sleep. I find lavender scents and a relaxing bath help me unwind before bed. Also no caffeine after 6pm!