Food | TAMU Dessert Lounge, Peterborough

TAMU; a single word that will leave a large percentage of the population of Peterborough drooling. It's well established within the city as the go-to place for those of us with a sweet tooth and a craving for waffles, crepes and other delicious delicacies.

I do love me a good pud. It's the kind of indulgence that’s worth every single calorie. At TAMU - translating to 'sweet' in Swahili - dessert is at the forefront of the menu and they produce some of the best desserts to have ever blessed my stomach. Just writing about them now is making my tummy rumble away.
Every single trip I find myself ogling the menu for forever and a day, trying to decide which delicious treat I'm going to munch on this occasion. Each of their plates of sweet chocolatey goodness are delicious and worth every penny.

On my last visit I savoured every moment when tucking into a 'Double Trouble' waffle, a warm waffle covered in Oreos and Ferrero Rochers, smothered in Nutella and topped with a heap of ice cream, whipped cream and hazelnuts. Is your mouth watering? 

I must give a special mention to their divine milkshakes, which are literally liquid heaven. I honestly couldn't pick a favourite to recommend so I'd suggest taking a trip and making your own decision.
If your tummy is currently rumbling away at the thought of a restaurant based solely around desserts, you can browse the TAMU menu here.

Have you had a particularly wonderful dessert lounge experience?

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