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These crave-worthy Chocolate Popcorn Shards are one of my favourite treats to make and serve at the moment. They're ever so quick and simple to make (using a mere three ingredients), and just the definition of delicious.
The shards make a wonderful treat to pop into a bowl and serve at a gathering or to simply enjoy by yourself as a bit of a lovely treat (I'm quite partial to making a batch and enjoying it during a particularly long shit at work). This is a recipe that can be easily altered to suit your tastes, there's so many different toppings to choose from. 

Let's get cracking.

400g Dark Chocolate^
20g Salted Popcorn
20g Berry Mix
Baking Tray
Baking Paper or Tin Foil
Large Heatproof Bowl
Wooden or Plastic Spoon
 ^(Milk or White will also work wonderfully if they float your boat slightly more)
1) First things first, get your equipment all ready for the project ahead. You can prepare the baking tray by lining it with a layer of baking paper or tin foil. In regards to the pan, fill it just under halfway full of water (to ensure that when placed in the pan, the bottom of the bowl will not rest in the water) and put it on to simmer.
2) The first step in creating the shards is melting your chocolate. Break all 400g up into squares and pop it into the bowl then leave it to melt into a gorgeous chocolate mess, making sure to stir it every now and again.

3) Once the chocolate has all been melted, remove it from the hob and proceed to pour it into the baking tray; aiming to cover the whole surface. You may need to move the tray about a little bit, or even tap it on the work surface, to ensure that the liquid is as flat as possible. 

4) The next step is to scatter the popcorn and the dried fruit evenly across the chocolate. Your topping choices aren't limited to just popcorn and dried fruit though; to jazz things up a bit try sweets, nuts etc.
5) Pop the tray in the fridge to set. This shouldn't take too long, just over thirty minutes.
6) To complete the treat, break the chocolate into shards and enjoy (I'll admit that I did forget to photograph this step as I was too busy enjoying these delights; you'll forgive me when you taste them).

What's your current favourite treat to make?

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  1. This looks so tasty! I can't believe I've never thought of making something similar to this; seems super easy to make too! Great post! x

    Lizzie |