Monday Motivation | 3 Reasons To Love Mondays

Hello Monday!

It's a weekly occurrence: come Sunday evening social media will be full to the brim of posts damning the fact that the weekend is coming to a close and Monday is nearly upon us again.

In 2018 I'm making an effort to learn to love Mondays; to create a life in which I don't dread the start of a new week. So I'm welcoming a new series on Yours, Chloe: Monday Motivation. This series aims to share the way I'm motivating myself to kick start the week with a bang and to share my journey towards embracing Mondays as welcome occasions. This won't be a every Monday kind of series, just a here and there type of thing.

Let's kick off with my main message for this series: there are lots of reasons to love Mondays. Today I'm going to share three of them.

1. It's A Chance To Start Afresh. 
Consider how motivated society gets come the start of a new year; new year, new me and all that jazz. Now why don't we instill that mentality when it comes to the start of a new week? Monday marks the welcome of seven new days during which you can start afresh from the previous week; leaving anything negative when you turn over the new page on your calendar. 

2. Monday Is A Day Of Productivity.
Monday's are proven to be our most productive day. They're the best day to start a new habit; to get into a new routine. Be it you want to start healthy eating, or you've set a new goal at work, or maybe you're wanting to get cracking on a fitness regime... Monday is the best day to do it. So what's not to love about a day that gives you the opportunity to better yourself?

3. You Feel Refreshed.
If you've spent your weekend wisely by having a well-needed chill and recharging your batteries, you'll feel refreshed come Monday morning. Now I don't know about you, but if I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week, I feel a million bucks (is there an English version of this phrase?). 

Let's give Mondays a chance.

Do you love Mondays? Let me know why. 


  1. Great Post! I actually don't mind Mondays! It's a fresh start!

    1. Exactly! Mondays are a chance to turn over a new leaf and start afresh. Thank you for your comment! Much love, Chloe x